Original SM and DBZ just cant get proper release in DVD/BD format in USA

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Jul 29, 2012
I suspect Sailor Moon will probably go to TUBI or possibly HBOMax/WarnerMedia—I think Warner is the distributor in North America. Or Netflix. The original Saint Seiya was on Netflix a while ago.


Oct 31, 2009
Wallington, NJ
And now Japan is joining in on ruining shows in new ways.
Part 2:

World Trigger, a 73-episode show from 2014 that got released in 20 HD Blu-ray & SD DVD volumes is getting re-released but in 3 SD Blu-ray volumes.

So not even Native HD shows are safe, very disappointing and has me worried for One Piece now because they're still continuing the Eternal Logs with Alabasta coming in July and has one more set to go before they're at the 16:9 HD episodes (starting at 207) so will they continue downscaling this show (and everything else previously in HD like World Trigger) all the way through?
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