Over Rainbow Tour v.s. C'est La Vie v.s. Cherry Blossom Stor

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Which one?

  • Over Rainbow Tour

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  • C'est La Vie

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  • Cherry Blossom Storm

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Lapis Lunaris
Feb 4, 2004
Home again
Neeko said:
Over Rainbow Tour is Usagi's image song (sung by Miyuu) and has played in Act 13, 14, 15, and 20. Sakura Fubuki is Rei's little song (sung by Keiko) and appeared in Act 23. Katagoshi ni Kinsei is Minako's "new song" and appeared firstly in act 11 where Minako was singing to Usagi.

If you've watched the show and don't know what Kirari*Sailor Dream, you need to get your head checked. ^_~
I know wich song Kirari Sailor Dream is watch it in every episode and sing along with i love it when they say 'gan gan kechirashitekou' hope i spelled it right. But it's harfd to keep track on those other since they never tell the titles on them. they jst sing em'


Lapis Lunaris
Mar 3, 2004
Gallifrey900 said:
genkib said:
Prince Endymion said:
I just heard the song... It doesn't sound much like it, just a little in my opinion. Over Rainbow Tour rhythm and pace is faster, too.
Not the actual melody of the song itself but the techno intro...
Are you thinking of another song as there is only one note played before she starts singing.
No no no no no! It's that short techno motif that was played after the first line she sang...the transition between this and when she starts the verse. That is why in my original message I said intro/prelude/bridge/coda. And it is repeated several times in the song: after chorus1 (00:19), after chorus3 (02:43), the end of the song (03:38). If you have heard "Roses are Red" you will know I am talking about.
I voted for C'est la vie because it was the first song. Though Over Rainbow Tour is more fun and does play during more memorable parts of the show, I still loved it, but it's still not Minako. And I haven't quite gotten into Cherry Blossom Storm yet to list it, though Rei-chan does have more l33t singing skills than Minako.