PGSM Dreams

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Lapis Lunaris
Jan 25, 2004
Wow, I didn't think I would be able to add anything in this topic. But my afternoon nap had just proven me wrong. :oh:

I came here as soon as I wake up, as I can still remember most scenes quite vividly.

I just had a dream where the PGSM senshi (minus Usagi) were all hanging out in Makoto's house (not apartment... house). Then one of them (forgot who) invited the others to go shopping. As soon as they got there, they heard news spreading around that there was a youma in Ginga Television.

It was within the grounds of the shopping center so they decided to run for it. However, they took a wrong turn and ended up in at the supermarket building.

When they found out that the place they were supposed to go to was at the opposite side of the grounds, they decided to try and use Sailor Teleport instead. But it kind of didn't work as expected, as instead of them going there, they brought the youma to where they were.

The battle began, and suprisingly it wasn't full of "ballet fu" (the funny part is, I had just recently read the article on the Soapbox before going to sleep. It must have had a huge influence). Mars was the first to attack, but the youma merely absorbed her fire element. Minako wasn't transformed, but fought next anyway, punching and kicking her way through - if I remember correctly, her reason was that she wanted to gauge the youma's strength first to see if she could do it (considering that she was able to knock Manager-san into the wall untransformed), as it was taxing for her ill health to be transformed. She found out that the youma can absorb their element and use it to its benefit. But then she got thrown out of the battle, landing and rolling on the ground, hitting her head. Jupiter and Mercury joined in the fray. The youma managed to absorbe Mercury's element, and that's when they noticed that it wasn't using the fire element absorbed from Mars earlier, but was now using Mercury's. They then decided to combine their powers, thinking that it would not be able to handle absorbing more than one element. They were right, and the youma was defeated.

Going back to Minako, she was lying on the gruond where she fell, still conscious and watching the entire battle. Artemis was beside her. When they defeated the youma and the others began rejoicing, that was when she lost consciousness.

And then a visitor came to my place and woke me up.



Lapis Lunaris
Oct 25, 2003
Brooklyn, New York
Parvus Imperator said:
I had a dream that I met up with Yosenex (Yoshimoon) -- a friend of mine and a fellow user here -- at Asahiya on 45th between 5th and Madison (you New Yorkers know where that is). So, then we walked in, and Yosenex goes, "Hey, look at this." It was in Japanese, and I sure as hell couldn't read it. And then he looked inside the store, and remained glazed for about ten seconds. I said to him, "What's wrong?" And then he just softly said, "Look."
Wow I feel special. So Parvus Imperator, when are we gonna go to Asahiya so that can come true.


Lapis Lunaris
Dec 8, 2003
Far from home :(

I had this about everyone kissing. This what I got:
UsagixMamoru: fine kissing
ReixMamoru: Doggy-styled kissing
MakotoxMamoru: Same as Rei's style
ReixMinako: fine kssing
AmixMakoto: Doggy-styled kissing

I am such a perv...[/quote]

:lol: You and I alike...
Another dream I had; actually, this counts as daydreaming...

So Yosenex (Yoshimoon) and I were at Asahiya, where we both knew that the characters portraying the senshi were there. There was a sufficient number of people, but not like a "Simple Plan/Woodstock" kinda crowd. Before I went in, I had my tap dancing shoes on for some reason and then I decided to tap dance before I went in because of the allocated giddiness while walking towards the store.

Instantaneously when I looked up after staring at my feet all this time dancing, the whole lot of five stared at me. Not like I was crazy or anything, but because of the supposed talent that I had. Besides, I was near the door, so not many were able to either fathom or marvel the spectacle.

And then I went inside, amazingly composed, and I asked the five to sign different things that I had: Seventeen, CANDy, and Melon magazines, and a couple of PGSM items. I politely asked them if I could get in a picture with them and they agreed. So, we took the picture. But my dream of meeting them -- including the voluptuous Kitagawa Keiko -- seemed to come to a halt when a medium-built man decided to haunt the store and the celebrities with a gun.

Immediately I decided to take a stand. After he yelled out, "Don't move!" I decided to act of my own accord and tap danced. Stultified and angered, he ran over to me and I gave one of those kicks that Guile used to do in Street Fighter and before the man fell, I took his gun and kicked it to the other side of the store, where the clerks were able to deny him access.

Meanwhile the five attractive celebrities were worried of the situation, but I assured them that everything was going to be all right with a simple wink. I took the beaten down man outside and tied him to a parking meter and told the clerks to call NYPD to book the man. They immediately did so, came, and I helped file a report with everyone at the store as witnesses.

I gathered the stuff that I got signed and headed for the door after polite thanks from everyone there, including the beautiful five. Then I heard a girl's voice say in Japanese, "Wait a minute..."

It was none other than my future wife Keiko-chan. "Would you give us a tour of New York, while we're still here?" she asks. In a heartbeat, I complied, and seeing that I forgot that Yosenex was here, I asked him to tag along, and we went everywhere: the Empire State Building, the South Street Seaport, Central Park, Fifth and Madison avenues, Union Square, and other places I forgot to mention. We took pictures everywhere we went; I must have bought three rolls of film! But we had so much fun, and as much as Keiko-chan took a liking for me, I decided to keep things quiet until I found a time when we were both alone...

I only wonder if I should tell you more of my dream or not. Don't worry, it's PG-rated. :roll:


Lapis Lunaris
Jan 26, 2004
I usally forget my dreams. :cry: But I do dream about the prediction of the next act on the the desk I sit in at school. (I usally dream in Health, Biology, or Algebra)


Lapis Lunaris
Feb 25, 2004
Well I dreamed of Sailor moon around 2 times I think. I can hardly remember, but I think I was another Sailor Senshi and I protected my honey*giggle* It is really amazing to transform *g*


Lapis Lunaris
Jan 26, 2004
I dreamt avout going to Japan last night. I was going to find that TelelaS (?) all in this mall but they didn't have it. They're also cards and plushies from Sailormoon with loads of craps from other anime. So, I tried the basement and there was a evil organization kidnapping kids (It look like a gam room that the kids were in). So, I ran away and there was this "hidden exit" that I must went though. Because the next thing I saw was these aliens marching up to get me. My dad was next to me and i was supriseed. Then the leader these supposed aliens, "You used the wrong exit, its the toliet NOT the bathtub." They went away in a couple minutes and we headed back to our hotel room (I am not sure if it was in the mall or across the street). So the next day, I tried the same mall thinking they might have it but not again. After that, I woke up. What happen to the children? The world may never know.

Mamoru Chiba

Lapis Lunaris
Jan 22, 2004
I had a dream about the five senshi and Mamoru on a bus. I was just a spectator. Well, at first they were in their civilian forms. Then Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter transformed behind Mamoru I guess, cause he didn't seem to notice. Then Rei transformed into Mars, walked over to Mamoru, and stood in front of him which caused him to look back and see Usagi. They had that shocked look kind of moment. Then he went off the bus. The first three senshi to transform left (or disappeared o.O). Only Mars and Usagi were left. Usagi was sad and sitting on the the bus seat with her feet on the seat and her arms hugging them. She was looking out the window view. Then Mars came over her shoulder and took out the transforming stick(from the anime, but it looked plastic lol) and said "Why don't you transform into Sailor Moon?" Trying to cheer her up. Rei was very cute doing this. I'm not sure if she transformed or not, it was very blurry and I moved on to a different dream. They were all the LA characters.


Lapis Lunaris
Feb 18, 2004
i dreamt about PGSM once!
it was only one scene...
there was a big hall and sailor mars came running into that hall...the hall had a cupola and it was round with columns near to the walls!
and behind one of the walls was kunsite or zoicite (couldn see it)
and then... mars got turned evil ;_; (it was 2 eps after mercury being turned evil ;_;)

just a short sequence but it was interesting...
I think it's about time to finish the sequel to my dream. Without further ado:

The seven of us were at Chelsea Piers, when Keiko-chan decided to play badminton with me. She actually forced me to play, but how could have resisted? Especially when it came to her. We played, and Yosenex went off with the others to basically bum around to see if they could find interesting places to play elsewhere. So, they told us, left, and there we were, all alone.

Undoubtedly, Keiko-chan was like a professional at badminton. She had me diving for the birdie a few times and after two games I thought I was going to pass out or something. Out of those two games, I was fortunate to win once, and she was insistent to play another game. With trepidation, I agreed to one more, and that time, she pulverized me fair and square. To me, I knew that her winning was inevitable, and being the fair sport that I was, I decided to shake her hand or something like that.

So, we approached each other. Eyes met, and for a split second, I felt something completely sublime. A view of the horizon on the beach just before sunset... small waves clashing against the placid shore, and wind strong enough to blow a beach ball, but nothing else. Converging closer and closer, the view of the horizon seemed to intensify until it became reality. Reality came and swept me off my feet when I found my lips interlocking hers.

Chemistry was everywhere. The planets weren't even lined up, but to feel her soft lips touching mine was more than I could have ever expected. It was as if the heavens sent down a last-minute oracle to Cupid to shoot us both. And for me to see the very flower which was her soul pouring out her affection for me was over resplendence. How pulchritudinous this day was, just to have been with her, even without the kiss! This was... the "cherry on top," so to speak.

We both took a step back from each other, believing that it wasn't true. But there was no way in both of our minds that we were certainly meant for each other. Manifest destiny brought us together -- averting our own wills -- and demonstrated the good things it could bring...

Once looking at each other, still frozen by that moment, we saw Yosenex and the four other girls. At first they were silent, and then I saw my radiant Keiko-chan beam at them, to whom they went, "Oooooooo!" Yosenex gave the thumbs up to me (without the others seeing), and there was nothing that I could do but hide myself to prevent the others seeing my extreme felicitousness...

My alarm clock went off at 6:30am in the morning to 1010WINS, where I immediately jumped up, got dressed, ate, and headed to school.


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 23, 2003
Just outside of New York City
:P I had a dream on Monday night about PGSM; it was sort of a sequel to Act 22! The senshi are all meeting to discuss what should be done about Dark Mercury! Venus and Mars want to do ANYTHING necessary to prevent her from using her powers to help the Dark Kingdom, while Moon and Jupiter want all the senshi to team up and rescue her. Artemis is siding with Venus (of course) and Mars! Luna is reluctant to attack Dark Mercury, but does admit it might be necessary to do so before too long.
Suddenly, I make an appearance in some sort of dark blue uniform (police? Navy?) and make an impassioned plea to Venus and Mars to join in a rescue attempt to bring Mercury back to the side of goodness! Mars speaks up to defend the plan Venus has adopted! That doesn't really bother me, but then Venus gives me the look like she gave Mars at the end of Act 17! She starts talking about how important it is that we prevent the Dark Kingdom from using Mercury's powers against us and for evil! She stands up and stares at me, and I feel my resolve and courage wavering! Venus is TINY, but is really one impressive person! Moon is in tears pleading for a rescue attempt to save Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are yelling at each other, Luna and Artemis are looking very unhappy, and I'm being stared down by a very unhappy Venus!
If you're about to ask me what happened next, or what I was doing there, I have no clue! I woke up at that point!


Lapis Lunaris
Sep 29, 2003
I had a dream just last night that had something to do with PGSM. I dreamt that I was on the transit bus going home from college, and two of the passengers that came on board during the trip turned out to be Sawai Miyuu and Azama Myuu―and they could actually speak English fluently! I immediately went up to them and acknowledged their work on PGSM. When I tried to address them by name, they couldn't tell who was who, because of how similar their first names sounded, so I actually had to address them by number (#1 and #4 respectively).