PGSM Manga Scans

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Lapis Lunaris
Sep 27, 2003
World Traveler :)
Hey all

Just wondering if anyone knew where to get scans of the redone manga, where the changes are obvious (i.e., Jupiter's new Sparkling Wide Pressure) (and not the covers. I've seen those already!) Not a whole slew, just maybe if there are new attacks (see previous example) or henshins, or maybe if Moon was redone in her first henshin to look more like her later form (her gloves and boots aren't so bulky and her odango are circular--you know, when Naoko really got into the groove and could spin out a drawing of Moon at the drop of a hat, rather than something that looked like the original concept for the character. Am I making sense here?!?). Just enough to see if I'd like to buy them. For example--I read somewhere that Usagi has a colored page for her first henshin. *hint hint*

Also, if anyone know of any good websites with lots of black and white scans from the manga, I'd greatly appreciate it. (I have all the manga myself, but I hate bending the spine, and that's why I love all the generous people on the internet willing to scan the images *loves you guys!*) Particularly of any attacks where the Inner Senshi are thrusting their hands toward the reader like they're pushing their attack in that direction. I have a new image-editing project in mind, thanks to my newly-rediscovered love for Paint Shop Pro. If anyone can help me out, thanks!