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Onuzim Ima

Luna Crescens
Aug 11, 2010
Shall we dance?

Thank you my friend, thanks for everything! ♥

Missed me? (I really wish I could draw her this cute, too! )

P. S.: Shall I stop here now, before somebody dies of a Kawaii Overdose? :mischief:

:-P Nyaah, it's too late to stop now, and I'm a little Sadist, so: Picture #6658 - Sailor Moon What does :ami: want with the Moon Sceptre? Sole Survivor?

Wow, that's mean! Picture #11357 - Sailor Moon
Spoiler: show
"What am I doing here?" (Or: "Why (am I)/For what did you bring me here?" - "Fine, I'll explain… Look/You see/Y'know, I need(ed) Makoto for her Physique/Body, Usagi for her Heart and you for your Brain(s). Now, does that give you any/I think you should get the idea."

In her Element Ami Mizuno LAMA Scuba - Color Commission by The-Sakura-Samurai on DeviantArt
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