Power-up Super in SM Supers

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Lumen Cinererum
Jul 17, 2006
Because I read some remarks about it in the reviews of the new movie, here is something I always asked myself regarding the "Power Up - Super Upgrade".

In the manga/crystal version, they got their power up basically at the end of the 3rd Season through Sailor Moon and the Grail. Then it seems that they transform for the first time again in the first chapter of Dream Arc (so basically the actual movie) with the new "xxx crystal power make up" right ? (I don't think there is any manga side stories like Kaguya or Chibiusa diary happening between Infinity / Dreams)

But what about the SuperS anime Version, they got their power up and Super updates through Helios/Pegasus 6/7 episodes before we see their actual new transformations "xxx Crystal power make up"; what are we supposed to believe in the in-between; are they already using "off-screen" the new transform catchphrases or the old ones with their new wands?

I know not a existantial question LOL but somehow the way they did that in the 90’s anime is kind of "uncommon” like they had an idea to begin with and they somehow change it last minute to make reveal later...

I guess we can ask ourselves also the same about the Outers in Star....I think that we only hear them transform with the new “Crystal xxxx sentence” in a Poem CD that they published during Stars season.
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