Random Sailormoon Fandom WTFs!!!!

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May 18, 2016
Here's an infamous bootleg:

And some other hilarious ones too:

(This reminds me of how a Russian Dendy version of the original Mario Bros game was called "Mr Mary" :rofl:)

There's even a bootleg figure of Usagi from episode 200, but I don't think I can post it here.
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May 18, 2016
It happens. It was a fan art of :hotaru:'s underwear and the sailors were all peeking at it while her butt glows. It was cute but I think it got reported.
That doesn't sound "cute", that's disgusting, :hotaru: is only 12 and then later 10 (and physically looks like a child), I don't care if it's a drawing or not, it's still gross and borderline lolicon (dunno if I mentioned it before, but I HATE lolicon with a burning passion)... :sick:

Good thing it got reported, I actually had to report that last video in the "Sailor Moon Beat Em Ups Besides R" thing, and I managed to terminate said user's account (reasons why was because said video had unspeakable content :dead:).

Here's a better one, tell me if you can guess who one of the cosplayers here, both being guys (hint: it's a member of the Sailor Moon staff):

And a certain "Abridged Series" creator even gets to cosplay here:
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