Rank the Crysternos Opening/Ending Songs

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Aurorae Lunares
May 31, 2009
Tankei Kingdom, Kinmoku
In anticipation for the new music coming for Sailor Moon Cosmos, I thought it'd be fun to rank the previous songs so far. After the songs for Cosmos are out, we can add them too.

Here's the list of the songs for your convenience. Which one is your favorite/least favorite? Discuss!

Sailor Moon Crystal
• Moon Pride
• Gekkou (Moonbow)

Sailor Moon Crystal Season III
• New Moon ni Koishite (In Love with the New Moon)
• Eternal Eternity
• Eien Dake ga Futari wo Kakeru (Only Eternity Brings the Two Together)
• Otome no Susume (A Maiden's Advice)

Sailor Moon Eternal
• Tsukiiro Chainon (Moon Color Chainon)
• Moon Effect

Sailor Moon Cosmos
• Tsuki no Hana (Moon Flower)
• Happy Marriage Song
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Aurorae Lunares
May 12, 2015
I LOOOOVE Gekkou, with the right singers can be perfect.
Eternal Eternity was the only good ending from season 3.

Now, Pride Moon was hype. I was expecting more from New Moon ni Koishite (I really like it tho) cause Etsuko anime songs are really good (I love both Penguin Drums op songs), I think she doesn't fit SM at all.

The songs from Eternal* are meh. I like Chainon chorus but Moon Efect is kinda generic.
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Solaris Luna
Sep 21, 2010
Love me some Eternal Eternity. It has such a lovely 90s anime vibe to it.

Moon Pride is also a favorite of mine (though I can't listen to it constantly), and I like New Moon ni Koishite (In Love with the New Moon). Although the best version of that, IMO, is a fan version that combines all 3 vocals together. None of them sound particularly good on their own to me.


Lumen Cinererum
Dec 28, 2014
Love Moon Pride and Gekkou, then also like Chainon. S3 ending ones are much weaker for me and then at the end New Moon ni Koishite.
There's something weird about this song its arragements and vocals never matched good so its so mediocore at the best.
Moon Effect is weird one too, i really love instrumentals in this song but how vocals were mixed ruins it so much(tho still much better than s3 OP), wish there was official instrumental version of that song


Aurorae Lunares
May 31, 2009
Tankei Kingdom, Kinmoku
This is how I would rank them from most to least favorite.

1. Eternal Eternity
2. New Moon ni Koishite
3. Tsuki no Hana
4. Moon Pride
5. Gekkou
6. Eien Dake ga Futari wo Kakeru
7. Tsukiiro Chainon
8. Moon Effect
9. Happy Marriage Song
10. Otome no Susume
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Stella Nova
Jul 6, 2018
1. Eternal Eternity
2. Moon Pride
3. Tsukiiro Chainon
4.New Moon ni Koishite
5. Moon Effect
6. Gekkou
7. Eien Dake ga Futari wo Kakeru
8. Otome no Susume
BUT Tsuki no Hana sounds promising and might go to number 3 once I hear it.


Aurorae Lunares
Dec 20, 2011
New York
I love Eternal Eternity and New Moon no Koishite. I like Moon Effect specifically as background music during the final battle against Nehellenia (I think that’s the song?) but otherwise I wouldn’t really listen to it on its own.

I try to forget that the Mamoru and Chibi Usa ending themes never happened.

I’m not attached at all to Moon Pride or the first ending theme, no real opinions on those.
Feb 20, 2023
I like the idea of this topic so I figured I'd reply with some detail to keep it alive.

1. Moon Color Chainon. It's so damn catchy to me. It's the perfect blend of sad and cheery and that's why it works so well to end both Part 1 (where everything is going to hell) and Part 2 (where everything is fine again). I really like the lyrics, too, they hit that sweet spot between nostalgic and hopeful. I wish we'd gotten an actual opening to this, although I love the music video we did get.

2. Moon Pride, or should I say MOOOOON PRIIIIIDE, ANAAAATAAA NOOOO, CHIKARA NI NARITAIIIIIII~, because I can't think of this song without it instantly playing in my head at full volume. Really catchy, really good, and it gives a shonen energy to the first Crystal openings which I felt was fitting given how those arcs play out in the manga.

3. Eternal Eternity. The way the two voices blend together is awesome, the lyrics are on point, and the violins are amazing. Everyone seems to like this song and for good reason.

4. New Moon ni Koishite, the Momoiro Clover version anyhow. I admit I really disliked this song when I first heard it but, I mean, after MOOOON PRIIIIDE, ANAAAATA NOOO~ I got this low energy saccharine song and I found it really boring. But the second version vastly improved things and by the time the Momoiro cover dropped I really warmed up to it, they gave it the energy I expected from an opening. I could still do without the first version, though.

5. Eien Dake ga Futari wo Kakeru. I like the secret spy vibe of the rhythm and it's catchy enough. It's not my favorite but it's nice to listen to from time to time, and Tuxedo Mask posing in the video is hilarious.

6. Moonbow. I'm not gonna lie, I find it a bit boring. It's just not for me, but even if it's not I can tell it's a nice romantic ballad, just a bit slow for my taste.

7. Otome no Susume. It's like the opposite of Moonbow, it's too high energy and that makes it a hard listen. I still can't help but like it because whenever I do listen to it I'm reminded of that one episode that ends with Chibiusa dying immediately followed by this song's fanfare blasting at full volume, lol.

8. Moon Effect. I could never get into this song, it just has too much going on. The music feels like it doesn't match the vocals, which are too shrill anyway, and the whole thing doesn't work for me outside of the hectic final battle, and even there I feel that maybe dialing the instrumental pace down a bit could have fit better.

I'm looking forward to listening to Moon Flower to see where it ranks for me. Although there's a couple songs that don't do it for me, I've really enjoyed the Crystal music.
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Lumen Cinererum
Dec 28, 2014
Since Tsuki no Hana is out, going to update my ranking
1 Moon Pride
2 Gekkou
3 Tsukiiro Chainon.
4 Tsuki no Hana
5 Moon Effect
6 Eternal Eternity
7 Eien dake ga futari o kakeru
8 Otome No Susume
9 All versions of New Moon ni Koishite.

As someone already told, instrumentals and arragement is GOOD but i'm not a fan of direction of Daoko's singing there


Gurges Ater
Jul 29, 2012
Just read the lyrics of “Tsuki no Hana” and “Tsuki no Hana” really sounds like a song Naoko Takeuchi would write.

Did she write it?