Recycled Episode plots taken from Sailor Moon

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Lapis Lunaris
Jul 7, 2014
I’m curious about this topic as I was watching Smile Pretty Cure the episode where Reika is wondering is studying abroad or not, which immediately made me think Ami been there done that.

Also watching Wedding Peach there’s a fortune telling episode such as Sailor Moon’s episode 2.

Do you know any other episodes where the base plot was taken from Sailor Moon?
We can even discuss if you feel it was better executed or not!
Jul 22, 2009
It is funny one episode of Sailor Moon I felt was recycled from another series was actually from Codename Sailor V, Sailor Moon's prequel series. I always thought the DeVleene chapter in the Sailor V manga was very similar to the episode in the first season of Sailor Moon where Jadeite basically had Gym Shapely to steal energy from people via weight loss.