Requesting help about friend's wedding (still PGSM related)

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Lapis Lunaris
Feb 15, 2004
I'm getting my hair done for my friend's wedding on Saturday. I was curious if anyone had any screen caps of Usagi-chan dressed up as a model from an epsiode early on in the series. Also, I wanted to know what kind of make-up I could use to create the glossy/glow like effects that the cast has. If anyone has ideas on how these looks can be achieved, please respond. Oh, and if you have a better idea of what hairstyle to use let me know. I have hair as long as Usagi's (not as long as when she's wearing the Sailor Moon wig)

Feb 9, 2004
Uh... I assume "glossy/glow" is referring to the lip gloss? If so, you should try Revlon. They have GREAT lip glosses with minimal stickiness. The eyeshadaw is very subtle. You might try putting concealer (yes, concealer) on your lids first, then apply a pastel green or yellow shadow, if you want Moon's effect. The blush is fairly subtle also so you should try using bronzer as blush instead of actual blush cuz actual blush comes off too much most of the time.

(sigh) I'm a total spaz with make-up! I use concealer and lipstick as eyeshadow, bronzer as blush, black eyeshadow as eyebrow liner--I don't know! It's just put to better use that way for me.

As far as hair goes, you should check out the updos in act 13 or 14 when they were celebrating the New Year. Those were nice. And Rei's updo in act 8 was nice. For special ocassions, I recommend updos because I think it just heightens the elegance. Loose hair is too casual, I think, especially for a wedding.

Hope this helps and good luck!