Rolling heart vibration....

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Lapis Lunaris
Sep 27, 2003
World Traveler :)
kurisu said:
You read my mind. I was just thinking about the love-me chain and if I could buy it somewhere. If they're selling it and when I purchase and get it, what then would I do with it?
Ditto as far as the question. What would I do with it?? Play with it, of course!!!!! ^_^ Carry it around with my Moonlight Stick and Jewelry Star Bracelet and at random intervals, snap on the bracelet with the Venus jewel, shout "VENUS LOVE ME CHAIN!!!!!" and snap it at something. ^_^

kurisu said:
Hey TuxedoStarr, I just noticed in Act 25 that her star jewelry bracelet appears along with her Tiara around 7:55. Nifty check it out.

Hey, sweetness! Way to catch that!


Lapis Lunaris
Nov 8, 2003
Tucson, AZ - The Hellmouth
theedqueen said:
I hope Venus gets to use Rolling Heart Vibration. I always wondered why the anime didn't utilize their planet henshins or the attacks that went with em (except for ami in her special, but that doesn't really count)
There's alot of things that the anime didn't utilize that should have been. Anywho, that was a tangent and a half.

Toy Soldier

Lapis Lunaris
Oct 25, 2003
Usagi's bedroom :3
Malachite82 said:
Does anyone know if they are selling the Venus Love Me looks kewl.... :)
I'm searching for Sailor V's PGSM crescent too, I really like it but it seem that Bandai don't want to sell Venus'attack items...... :grey:...anyway,
I think that rolling heart attack come out from her heart shaped gem of the ribon