SabanMoon Sailor Moon Artwork

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For those of you who have been looking to see some artwork from the DiC/Saban Sailor Moon production that wasn't taken from a messed up angle at an old anime convention, it looks like some might be coming out of the woodwork - ... 51a2f1163b

Love that Saban SM looks kinda like She-Ra.
Looks like the same seller has added some cels of "Lunamis"... ... 51a2f4567d

This whole thing just begs me to bust into the SabanMoon theme song. "Say-lor...Say-lor Muuun!"

I'll hope we'll finally be able to answer the question of which Sailor Senshi was the cripple for the SabanMoon version. I'm hoping it's Venus!


Solaris Luna
Nov 8, 2003
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Amazing find! I'd love to pick a few of these up but some of these prices are just way too high. If they don't sell for these prices I hope they get relisted for some more reasonable prices.

Regardless these are some very nice clean images of this art that we haven't seen before. I will have to update my avatar!

Well I bought a Luna cel...

Oh no now I just bought the 4 face set...

Curious as to what else this guy has.
Sep 13, 2009
Tampa, FL
Looking at these, it's Mercury who looks to be the most "perky" of the group (rather than Moon or Venus).
Sabrblade said:
I think that is meant to be Luna, as the promo video sings Luna's name when that cat appears onscreen.
Yup. But since the cat's white, hence the joke about it being "Lunamis" (you knows...Luna+ Artemis = Lunamis).

Kinda thought that was an obvious statement, but oh wells...apparently not for some people.

StarHealerTornado said:
Can someone post the pictures of the other Sailors?
Gotta make 2 posts for this...