Sailor Moon Cosmos announced for Summer 2023

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Systema Solare
Jul 6, 2018
They changed the director.. but like I don’t know if that really means anything if it’s a 1:1 or the manga? Is he noteworthy for directing anything else? I got my hopes up too much for Eternal so now I’m a little cautious going into this.
So they changed Chiaki Kon? Who is the new director?


Aurorae Lunares
Nov 22, 2016
For those who haven’t read the manga. FYI, every single scene is recognizable and a near accurate representation of one of the manga’s panels. So before anyone goes MaYbE TheY’Ll FinAlLy DeViATe FrOm tHe MaNga… I promise you it won’t.
I still have hopes they'll make a bigger investment this time and minor things such as Luna and Artemis "disappearing" are gonna get fixed xD