Sailor Moon Crystal coming to Mexico

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Luna Crescens
Jan 16, 2018
I'm glad for the Latin American fans, but this dub is an example of how keeping old voices at any costs may be harmful to the final product.
Mamoru is the worst out of all of them. He sounds like a man in his forties.
well is all because of nostalgia, if they changed the voices will have the dragon ball kai problem, mh the other thing for me i give the dub a 7, is not the worst, but i dont feel like it is the best, yes some voices get old, but in the progression of the episodes their voice acting is getting better because in the first episodes well, ami for me sounded like a woman having a cold lol XD , usagi didnt give the tone like the 90s, and mars was ok but in the transformation frase she didnt give the tone, mh jupiter the same didnt have a constant tone, mh i feel like minako was better but for her personality in crystal i dont know if is a good voice, the other thing is if someone know who will be voicing pluto


Luna Crescens
Jan 10, 2010
They aired the episode where Mamoru calls her "Usako" and she decides to call him "Mamo-chan". They keep that with honorifics.
I asked on twitter to the adapter about the original version of those nicknames when Serena and Darien was being used, but she told me that it will be always a mystery. :P
But I think of "Serenita" and "Dariencito". AWFUL!


Aurorae Lunares
Nov 22, 2016
Keeping the old voices was a bad decision. The only Inner that actually sounds GOOD is Sailor Jupiter, and that's because her VA passed away almost twenty years ago and they got a young lady to voice her.
Moon and Venus sound so grating, and the acting seems a lot worse than the 90s anime dub. It feels rushed, Viz Media does a way better job with their English dub. Rubeus' VA can't act to save his life in this scene, for example.

People seemed really happy with Cristina (Chibiusa) doing the voice directing, but it doesn't seem like she did much for Crystal besides keeping every voice from the 90s she could. I also feel the same about Brenda returning as the translator. She translated the senshi's speeches the laziest way possible. Venus' got reduced to a lame "I will punish you in the name of love". And she's inconsistent with attack names.
Jun 30, 2010
I listened to those clips, and maybe because I don't speak that much Spanish...but I found the voices just fine. I could tell who was speaking without having to look at the characters and there was so much expression and life in that dub (although the English Crystal dub isn't bad at all).

I am immensely disappointed by the reversion to the Japanese names after the old dub's names were announced to be used. Had they said the Japanese names would have been kept from the onset, that would have been understandable, but to lead fans to believe the old names were coming back when they weren't is dishonest. I wouldn't be surprised if fans of the old Mexican dub were angry because of that blatant bait-and-switch.

Me, I'm too jaded to make anything more than backhanded comment months later.


Gurges Ater
Jul 5, 2009
Makes one feel ambivalent. :grey:

On one side it makes :haruka: look like a sexual predator and on the other it makes it look like the conservative community will always stomp on LGBT rights and/or representation. :booze:

So how's this gonna work in that episode where :mihiru: describes :haruka:'s male half? :creeper:


Oct 31, 2009
Wallington, NJ


Aurorae Lunares
Nov 22, 2016
Apparently the VAs are not getting paid for this dub?

Audio quality is bad. From what I got, she still hasn't got paid and "wants Mexico to know Dubbing House is a fraud".
The studio doesn't have a good reputation, that's why Uranus' and Pluto's old VAs declined to come back in their roles.
Geez, this dub turns two years old this year. Talk about late payment.