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Should I keep posting tasks?

  • Yes, it is fun! ^^

    Votes: 38 90.5%
  • No, it is tedious! :(

    Votes: 4 9.5%

  • Total voters
Sailor Crystal Phoenix said:
fighter4luv said:
Is the Wiseman or Prince Demand in the image? (It would have to be since they are the only two that haven't been mentioned yet) :P
Nope. You're wrong there. They aren't the only two not mentioned. You are forgetting one really important character as to WHY they were brought back to that time.
Well I never thought Black (Wicked) Lady to be a Black Moon Clan villain coz she was brainwashed :P

We were all right still. It was background art of leafage, so you shouldn't have said NO all the time, and making people think it's part of a villains outfit :supercry:
KatanaChan95 said:
^_^ I didn't know they had a specific learn something new everyday!!

NEXT! :ninja:
Hehe. For my Sailor Moon guide, I pretty much have heaps of document files with every little term, name, etc. listed down so I'll be able to make a huge online encyclopedia one day.

I don't have time to browse through my pics atm, so someone with a cool idea, go for it!