Sailor Moon Sailor Stars 5x05/5x06: Best Senshi teamup?

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Feb 10, 2009

As I was doing my first Dub rewatch of Stars, it hit me that 5x05/5x06 is probably one of the most unique episodes in the series. These two episodes are one of the rare times where they split up the team and it isnt Inners w/Inners or Outers w/Outers, instead they paired up Uranus/Mercury, Neptune/Mars, Pluto/Venus, Mini Moon/Saturn, Jupiter/Moon and were able to explore how these opposites are able to work together.

Of course it isnt perfect since they played up the Inners "amateurness" and had them doubt themselves even though they were major veterans by this point but it is still such a fun thing to encounter and something we deserved more of.

Thoughts on these pairings? Have any other "favorite" team ups from throughout the series?
Jul 29, 2012
When it comes to that arc, I only like Saturn. Saturn was totally straightforward while facing Nehelenia and attempted to use her Silence Glaive to stop Nehelenia. And she would have used her Silence Glaive if Chibiusa had not stopped her. Saturn wins for her straightforwardness and bravery.
Nov 16, 2016
I loved that part of the arc. Usually they paired the inners and outers based on who has the most similar personality (Makoto/Haruka, Ami/Michiru, etc.) They're all great, but I think Rei and Michiru was my favorite. Makoto and Hotaru probably shouldn't count since they both pretty much fought solo imo.

I remember being genuinely surprised when Makoto showed up all by herself, though. She never gets to have moments like that when the story gets serious, let alone against a final boss of a season, so it felt really special.

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Aurorae Lunares
Aug 11, 2010
Instead they paired up Uranus/Mercury, Neptune/Mars, Pluto/Venus, Mini Moon/Saturn, Jupiter/Moon and were able to explore how these opposites are able to work together.
Definitely. :haruka: is the 'Shoot-first-ask-later' type of a martial Tomboy who'd jump into Action without - so it seems - a second thought, while :ami: is the logical one, the Strategist, the Xanatos, the 'Brain' of the Team who opposes, berates & lectures her: "Well, this is my way to fight!" Could as well have added a Kardashian-esque "Deal with it, Bee-yotch!" at the end. *sigh* Well, at least they have similar tastes in Hairstyling... :|:mrgreen:
:chibiusa: & :hotaru: on the other hand are Best Buddies and quasi the only 'Regular Pairing' left intact.
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Jan 18, 2021
These are genuinely some of my favorite episodes in the series, I love these pairings. Having :mako:be the one with :usagi: and having to face down the enemy herself was really cool, as mentioned it's not something they really did much, and :hotaru:and :chibiusa:being the 2 to actually get to face Nehelenia themselves was also really cool, it was nice seeing more of their friendship and :hotaru: actually getting to show off some attacks was great, :haruka: and :ami: was really fun since despite:haruka: having interactions/episodes with all the inners at this point it was the first really with :ami: and made an interesting pair. :mihiru: and :rei: was super fun in general to me, they played off each other insanely well and are actually a lot more similar than would first appear and I love that the eps highlighted that as well as their differences, it was especially nice since :mihiru: was sorely lacking on this sort of thing compared to her girlfriend so it was nice to see her get some time and interactions with one of the inners

Rambling (I love these episodes I could go on all day tbh lol) but to answer my favorite was :setsuna: and :minako:, I don't think :minako: being the leader of the senshi is brought up much in the anime, if at all before this, so seeing that and her philosophies on that role highlighted was super interesting, especially when paired with :setsuna:, who above anyone else I think was sorely lacking dynamics with any other character in the series, and this did a great job fleshing her out for me. It was almost the opposite of the normal "outer teaching inner" schtick since it was more :minako: teaching her that all of their lives matter and that she's more than just her role as the time guardian, it's ironically parallels PGSM Minako's role.

Rambling hard but I loved every bit of these episodes, and my biggest hope if we ever get more completely original material is more stuff like this, go wild with the pairings, have :mihiru: and :minako: compete in a beauty contest. or :mako: teach :hotaru: and :chibiusa: how to bake. or :setsuna: spend the day with :rei: for some plot reason, just have fun with the characters and it'll flesh out the ones that could have used it a bit in the process lol ^^
Thoughts on these pairings? Have any other "favorite" team ups from throughout the series?
I love Mars and Neptune being paired up! The Mercury/Uranus absolutely intrigues me especially since the former's brains contrasts the latter's brawn. Plus, they wear different shades of blue as their main color. Mercury is a light, cyan blue. While Uranus prefer deep navy. Venus and Pluto were paired together because their birthdays are a week apart. Also, their primary Sailor Soldier uniforms are orange and black, respectively. Those are the colors of Halloween. Halloween is in October, as are Mina (10/22) and Setsuna's (10/29) birthdays. I'd love to see Michiru team with either Mina or Usagi, I feel like Mich spending time with either one or both can flesh out our favorite elegant ocean soldier beyond being Haruka's girlfriend.
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