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Lapis Lunaris
Jul 28, 2020

The guy has 5 youtube channels, and after uploading every new video, he makes comments on it from all those accounts. And then proceeds to thank himself for his support of his videos.

And yes, he did that for a few thousand uploaded videos already. Isn't that... a tiny bit creepy? :grey: :grey: :grey:
Meh, not really. I subbed to all his channels and he might be in character of all of them.

Someone who does this and has this much time on his hands could very easily take a break to learn something and make quality videos with dolls and puppets that people can enjoy without laughing at his expense. Here is a good one by someone else, featuring a Ninja Turtle and Teana Lanster from Nanoha StrikerS:

Here is another with K-On action figures and voice acting:

In the case of Moonshine Animation, you can see the amount of dedication and work that went into making the videos that make his Youtube channel one of my favorites.