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Hey guys, a friend of mine introduced me to Sailormoonred1 almost a year ago, and I've been curious since then if anyone else had ever heard of him (thus leading me here.)

My two younger brothers have autism and are mentally retarded, and I can tell you from being around many disabled people that this guy is definitely mentally retarded. He even confirms in one video that he has "mental brain damage". ( He also appears to have a lazy eye that rolls around in its socket if you look closely enough in the videos where you can see more of his face. Also, anyone who thinks that that baby you hear every now and then in the background is his child is nuts (can you imagine this guy having a girlfriend much less sex?); it's obviously a sibling or something--you can even hear his mother going off in the background at times. He's mentioned his mother helping him out before. It's obvious he's being trolled to hell right now by a certain someone with all of this package delivery junk, but I'm surprised that I haven't really seen it documented anywhere (and also that nobody else seems to be pointing this out, even his supposed YouTube friends.)

What's interesting to me is that this guy is pretty intelligent, in a way--you really have to have listened to some of his videos to know what I'm talking about. He might be mentally retarded, but he's still capable in a lot of ways, and it annoys me that he's kind of a disability leech. He seems completely capable of at least being a bag boy, and I wish my brothers had at least that--at least it'd give them something to do, you know? It's lonely being "different" from everyone else. Most of Sailormoonred1's (practical) problems stem from his youthful mental age--he likely is on the developmental level of a child, and is thus rather naive and easily duped.


Lapis Lunaris
Dec 16, 2009
The fellow has been quite popular on Youtube lately - as a target for "commentators" (mockers). :| :grey: Since SAILORMOONRED1 always responds to any video that mocks him, and tells the commentators off (well, he tries to :dead: ), the commentators get to respond to his video, and mock him again. Someone should tell him to ignore the "hate" he gets. I'm not certain he is receptive to advice, though.

I hope he begins making more videos with his wrestler dolls, so the wrestle fandom also gets to part of the embarrassment. ^_^


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 28, 2010
Seen said:
Cain2012 said:
Maraviollantes said:

He sounds like a vodoo shaman reading some magic incantation to evoke spirits. That "Chibi Chibi" sounds really ominous. :shocked:
I don't belive that he's trolling. He seems to be really obssesed with Sailor Moon as he knows so much about the whole series.
He has got some dolls. That's cool. I'm collecting japanese SM dolls but PLAYING with them is a different thing... :shocked: I think that he feels really alone...
That's sad. :sad:
I have an awful feeling of guilt in my stomach for just buying the special edition Irwin dolls of the inner senshi and tuxedo mask in a set now. Like I'm going to end up like him some day. ;-;

Update on that: I got outbid on every single one of them. Probably a blessing in disguise now that I think about it.

This guy is like the Christian Weston Chandler of the Sailor Moon fandom.


Lapis Lunaris
Jul 18, 2010
I'm glad I found a thread on Dwayne! I've been watching for a few months now. He has a great imagination. I wish I was more "no shame" with my toys back when I would play with them, acting out and creating scenes like he does! I mean, the variety of "segments" and discussions he draws out of Sailor Moon is so creative, and he's quite knowledgeable and gets me thinking sometimes.

I don't wanna go on too much, but I feel like putting in a good word for Dwayne. I hesitate to participate in fan communities a lot because of the nastiness that I've seen come out of what should be friendly discussion or debate, so I appreciate people like Dwayne, who respects and encourages conversation and feedback among fans. Yes, he does have his rants and unfortunate issues with some users (YouTube), but I don't think we should hold that against him.

His rants are some of my favorites, getting really passionate and protective of SAILORMOONRED1!

"...saying that nobody watches our videos. Well, apparently you watched our videos, if you were to make that COMMENTARY ON IT!!" (true!!)

"I don't know why you think we'd care about it, but we don't..."

...and the infamous, "Haters, hackers, cloners, spammers, and scammers" roll call! Say that 10x fast.

Love it!


Lapis Lunaris
Sep 4, 2011
OmenBoy said:
the variety of "segments" and discussions he draws out of Sailor Moon is so creative, and he's quite knowledgeable and gets me thinking sometimes.
I agree with that. I know some people been giving a hard time becuase of his disability... But I dont see how people can get any gratitude bulling him about his disabilities and how much of a "man child" he is... Leave it alone and be the bigger person and walk away don't comment if it's just going to be negative, negative energy is in our everyday life why add to it. I admit I comment once or twice hating on SAILORMOONRED's but once I clicked that post button I regretted adding fuel to the fire it hurt me more than it did him honestly.
Jun 1, 2012
Whoa. What a Sailor Moon fanboy. ^_^'