Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

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Jul 6, 2018
I'm happy that toei is co-producing the movies with another japanese studio. Since it's Sailor Moon Crystal/Toei, it's no surprise that the studio they picked is not among the best. Maybe they were looking for a studio that is on a similar level. Anyway, there is something about the looks of anime since the early 2000 that I don't like. They often look too clean, generic and uninspired.

Ok, I just saw that DEEN made Angel's Egg in 1985, which is a wonderful and beautiful anime. But that was over 30 years ago...
Deen were quite good in the past, so were Toei. Deen are not the best studios, bit they have their shares of hits as well as horrible proects. It depends on the animators working on it in the end. Still it is better than some unknown studios they used in the past.