Should the Senshi have kept individualities during power ups?

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I think they should have had special traits but can understand the uniformity of them in relation to Super Sentai. The Eternal fuku is enough for me with them having different colors and the longer back bows and multilayered skirts are interesting aspect at first glance.

I always felt their fuku was lacking in the anime because Mars didn't have her pendant and Jupiter had no belt.

I'm fine with either way tho, as long as I get to see them in their outfits lol.
Naoko was definitely influenced by Super Sentai when she made the "Eternal" uniforms for everyone else.

I wouldn't mind if they had their eternal uniforms while performing a group attack (in such an instance, I think the uniformity would be aesthetically pleasing), but otherwise....meh.
Seeing the team attack in their "eternal" uniforms would be cool!
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Their Eternal Form goes against Super Sentai's individuality between each Senshi in their respective teams.
I see now. I can respect your opinion. I like the two groups having their unique shoes and earrings.
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Some people call the Eternal forms of other Senshi "Sailor Star" due to them having a Star motif in their outfits since they weren't called as Eternal in the Manga in any way.
I call the rest of the Guardians' third forms "Eternal Star" mainly due to how similar they are to Eternal Sailor Moon, yet the team including Chibi Moon all have a star motif from head to toe. This confuses me because Chibi-Usa is technically Moon royalty. It may eventually change in Crystal Tokyo when she takes on the Sailor Moon mantle from Usagi.
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Feb 26, 2015
I really like the individual details each one has in their costumes... even if subtle, I like them... like different shoes, or some not wearing sleeve pads over the shoulders... Jupiter's belt... Saturn's so unique costume...

So, even if I don't "hate" them losing those details, I dislike it, and I feel like they are becoming more and more "clones" of each other, specially when they reach the "eternal" outfits, where there is no differences at all (same boots, earrings, etc), except colors.
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