SMC Crystal DVDs review

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Aug 16, 2014
So now that I am having the time to carefully watch each episode and form my opinion on Crystal...

I would like to mention (if I have not already) that I would prefer if they had kept the original art from seasons 1 and 2. I am not a manga purist, but what was established was that Crystal would be an adaptation of the manga. The art from seasons 1 and 2 masterfully capture Naoko Takeuchi’s aesthetic: Naoko’s characters are very tall and slim and defy proportions—just as they do in seasons 1 and 2.

I remember that back in 2014 people were saying the bodies of the characters in Crystal were disproportionate. My response is that the intention was for the bodies to be disproportional, very tall and very slim, just like Naoko conceived them. Very long limbs, large eyes. In other words, unrealistic, but I feel you have to respect the author’s aesthetic.

I am still watching season 2, but I anticipate that I won’t feel as happy with the art as I am now. From what I recall, the art in season 3 made the characters look younger and rejected Naoko‘s aesthetic.
Art and cartoons are also don't have to be realistic.Animation is a style .