The Dark Millennium

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Sailor Athena

Luna Crescens
May 26, 2012
Recently got this idea in my head and thought I would share it with you guys and see what you make of it. Do remember that this is a complete AU, just like Supergirl isn’t from the same Earth as the rest of the members of the Arrowverse. Well, with that said...

The story begins as the people of the solar system suffer under the tyrant Metallia. The Sailor Senshi lead by Serenity declare war and eventually defeats the evil queen. After awhile however the Senshi come to realize that Serenity is actually a worse tyrant than the one she replaced and that her daughter is just as horrible or possibly even worse. The final straw comes when the princess personally executes Sailor Earths younger brother over some minor offence. The Senshi are then guided to the young woman Lumine, a sweet and intelligent person who they think will make at least a better ruler than the one they themselves once helped ascend the throne. A rebellion begins as ofcourse Serenity won’t let go of her power so easily.
Likes: Nadia