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Mar 8, 2012
Decided to translate the first "Transformation! Dress-Up Dolls!" mix-and-match flip book since Miss Dream has scans of the Spanish translation. (Why wasn't it released in other languages? Spain got the animanga as well. Did other countries?) Their scans of some of the pages are jumbled, so I'll do those later, but for now here are the ones that weren't:

Mar 8, 2012
It's been 84 years, but...

Sailor Stars #7: Itsy Bitsy is a Sailor Scout, Too

"Aaahh! Somebody help me!"
Serena heard a young girl scream in distress.
Following Galaxia's orders to search for Crystal Star Seeds, Siren was attacking one of Serena's friends!
{Sailor Aluminum Siren: Oh dear, this isn't a Crystal Star Seed either.}
{Serena: This is awful! Sonoko's in danger!}
{Sonoko: AAAAHH!}
Serena quickly transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon. As a result...!
{Siren: Oh?}

Seeing the light that came from Sailor Moon's brooch while she transformed, Siren smiled meaningfully.
"I've finally found it! There must be a Crystal Star Seed in there!"
Siren leaped at Sailor Moon.
"I'm taking that brooch!"
{Eternal Sailor Moon: HUH?}
Meanwhile, Sonoko, whose Star Seed had been taken, had changed into the monster Sailor Leaguer.

At that very moment, Serena's four friends came running.
"Time to transform, guys!"
However, the Three Lights also showed up just then.
"Oh no! We can't transform now."
The Three Lights felt the same way. They couldn't transform right in front of Amy and the others.
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "AAH!"}
In the meantime, Sailor Moon's transformation came undone.
{The Three Lights: "No way! Serena is Sailor Moon?!"}

{Sailor Star Fighter: "We have no choice. We've got to do it!"}
In order to help Serena, the Three Lights transformed into the Sailor Starlights right in front of everyone else.
"We'll take care of this creep. You guys get away from here as quickly as you can!" the Sailor Starlights said.
{Mina: "I don't believe it! The Three Lights are the Sailor Starlights?!"}
"No, we won't run away!"
With that, Serena's four friends transformed into the Sailor Scouts.
{Sailor Star Maker: "You guys were all Sailor Scouts?!"}

"I didn't think there'd be so many Sailor Scouts..."
Siren, who sensed she was about to lose, quickly ran away.
{Siren: "Sailor Leaguer, I'll leave the rest to you!"}
"I have to turn Sonoko human again right away!"
Sailor Moon summoned her Eternal Tiare.
Unfortunately, Sailor Leaguer's attack knocked the Tiare out of her hand.
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "AAH!"}

{Itsy Bitsy: "Itsy-bitsy..."}
Itsy Bitsy, who saw the Tiare fall, walked towards it, and as soon as she picked it up...
~Sparkle, sparkle~
Itsy Bitsy's body became dazzling, a shining light washed over her, and she transformed into a Sailor Scout like everyone else.
{Sailor Leaguer: "UGH..."}
"Huh?! Itsy Bitsy, you're a Sailor Scout, too?!"
Sailor Moon, the Sailor Starlights, and the others were completely surprised by this incredible revelation.

{Eternal Sailor Moon: "Th...Thank you."}
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "Huh?"}
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "The Eternal Tiare is different!"}
When she gave the Tiare to Sailor Moon, Sailor Itsy Bitsy Moon turned back into her regular self.

{Sailor Mars: "Now, Sailor Moon!"}
After being showered by Sailor Moon's new ultimate move, Sailor Leaguer turned back into Sonoko.
"I'm so glad... I wonder if the Sailor Starlights will be our allies from now on."
Sailor Moon and the others were happy. But the Sailor Starlights had once again disappeared.
At that very moment, Galaxia was eliminating Siren, who had run away back to their base.
Who will replace her...?
No matter who they are, don't give up, Sailor Moon!
<The End>
Mar 8, 2012
Sailor Stars #8: The Princess Revealed

Galaxia, who plans to conquer the universe, had sent two new cronies to snatch Sailor Moon's true Star Seed. Compared to their former comrade, Sailor Aluminum Siren, Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Tin Nyanko were much stronger.
"We'll protect you, Sailor Moon!"
The other Scouts came to fight against the new enemies.

Unfortunately however, Sailor Moon and the other Scouts suffered under the villains' brutal assault on them.
"Ugh... They're too strong!"
Itsy Bitsy, who was watching all this, took an incense burner from her pouch. Is that a red butterfly floating out of it? The mysterious butterfly fluttered off.

The butterfly flew to where the Sailor Starlights were. The three of them were surprised by the sweet fragrance wafting from the red butterfly.
"This is the scent of the Princess we've been searching for!"
Fascinated, they followed the butterfly back to Sailor Moon and the others.
{Sailor Starlights: "We'll be your opponents!"}
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "Thanks, Sailor Starlights!"}

Crow, who was about to be defeated, played her terrifying hand.
"If you don't give up your Star Seed right now, I'll suck you all up into this black hole!"
With its tremendous amount of power, the black hole began drawing everyone into it.
"Stop! I'll give you my Star Seed. Just save my friends!" Sailor Moon screamed.

"Very well. Your true Star Seed in exchange for your friends' lives."
Crow fired a beam of light from her bracelet.
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "UHHH..."}
{Sailor Lead Crow: "How beautiful. At last, a true Star Seed!"}
Her Star Seed taken away from her, Sailor Moon's transformation came undone.

But then...!
Just as Crow was about to snatch the Star Seed, Nyanko, who was supposed to be her comrade, unexpectedly attacked her.
{Sailor Tin Nyanko: "Hand it over or else!"}
{Sailor Lead Crow: "HUH?"}
Crow fell into the black hole she had created.
{Sailor Lead Crow: "AAAAHHH!"}
"Hahaha. I, Madame Nyanko, will deliver this true Star Seed to Madame Galaxia!"

{Sailor Tin Nyanko: "WHAT!"}
At that very moment a dazzling light burst forth from Itsy Bitsy's incense burner and blasted Nyanko back. The light also closed up the black hole.
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "I can transform once again!"}
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "MOON ETERNAL MAKE UP!"}
Having regained her Star Seed, Eternal Sailor Moon used her finishing move to defeat the enemy.
{Sailor Tin Nyanko: "AAAHHH!"}

The light flowing from the incense burner gradually changed into a beautiful woman.
"Oh! Our princess!"
It was the princess for whom the Sailor Starlights had been searching all this time.
The princess spoke.
"Our planet was decimated by Galaxia. I traveled all the way here to Earth in search of Sailor Scouts to help us fight back. Please, I beseech you, lend us your power."
Sailor Moon and her friends swore to work together with them to defeat Galaxia.
<The End>
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