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Aurorae Lunares
Jun 30, 2010
Edit: I'm linking to two other fanfic snippets I posted on this board so I don't bump this thread needlessly.

I found a Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon crossover with Sailor Moon on my hard drive. It is over 20 years old and I'm not continuing it. However, I post it, not only for shame but because I am amazed at my younger self had the crazy idea to put these two things together.

It's old dubfic, except I even break the old dub canon. This is something that could only have been written in the 1990s.

I have to love the pen name I gave myself back then.

Moon Plasma Power! Episode 1
by Rini White

“Oh, Serena, you just have to see her,” pleaded Molly.
“Yeah! She’s so incredible!” Melvin exclaimed while tugging on the blonde’s shirt. “I heard that she’s a smart as Amy and...” He looked around, making sure a certain person was out of the vicinity, then whispered, “...twice as strong as Lita!”
“No way!” exclaimed the aforementioned Amazon. Lita and Amy had just walked toward the three, but heard the rumors about the new student from everyone in the school. Amy listened to them cautiously, knowing much of the information could be exaggerated. On the other hand, Lita couldn’t believe someone at the school could beat her in a fight and made her surprise and anger apparent to everyone. It was bad enough to hear the gossip from students she hadn’t known, but now Melvin gave credence to this nonsense as well. Lita had to put a stop to this now.
“I have to see this for myself!” she thundered. Melvin and Molly led her to the girl, Serena and Amy sticking close behind. Upon seeing her, Amy, Lita, and Serena were astonished. She was only an inch shorter than Lita, who stood at an amazing height of five feet nine inches. Despite her size, she wore a Crossroads Junior High School Uniform that fit all too perfectly. Her hair was long and blond, but lighter than Serena’s. She wore it in a ponytail similar to Lita’s.
Then there were her eyes.
Her eyes were blue, but that wasn’t it. They looked exactly like Serena’s.
This didn’t escape the attention of Serena, who stepped forward to introduce herself. “Hello. My name is Serena. These are my friends Amy, Lita, Molly, and Melvin. We’re the unofficial welcoming committee around here, so we unofficially welcome you to our school.”
The student studied the five students, assessing their strengths and weaknesses. From overhearing earlier conversation, she had learned that Amy was the thinker of the group. Though small in stature, her brain more than made up for her size. People mentioned Lita’s name a lot as well, and most were making comparisons between herself and the other. When she met the girl face-to-face, she understood why: both were tall and many hoped to see a fight between the two. Serena wasn’t mentioned very often, except when someone referred to her tardiness. The new girl couldn’t get a good read on her, except that she might not be as simple as she appeared.
No one talked about Molly. It was as though she didn’t exist. But the student saw something about her that was very familiar. She couldn’t quite place it, yet the student had seen the redhead before somewhere. Yet the most intriguing and surprising person was Melvin; he was not at all what she expected. She was at least three, if not four inches taller than him, and he wore huge glasses that made him look like a nerd. He wasn’t strong or handsome-- he was a geek! But she contained her surprise as she began to speak.
“I’m Rachel Olander. Nice to meet you.” Her voice was sweet and feminine, and had a domestic quality to it. She didn’t sound like a bubblehead, a brain, or a beast. Rather her manner was reminiscent of a maid or a stewardess.
“Is it true that you got a perfect score on the PSAT?” Amy inquired.
“No. I purposely missed two questions,” said the new girl in the same tone as before. “I didn’t want them to think I was a computer.” Amy hung her head down. As intelligent as she was, she had scored only 1450. She didn’t like the casual attitude Rachel took when making that remark. It scared her to think that someone could be smart enough to beat her without even trying.
Upon noticing Amy’s reaction, she was about to apologize when Melvin had something to say. “You know, you should join the computer club at this school. You’ll meet some great people through the Internet and--” He stopped when Molly elbowed him through the ribs, preventing him from running on and on. Rachel was further shocked. Not only did he look like a nerd, he acted like a nerd. This couldn’t possibly the person she was looking for, there must have been some mistake.
Finally, Lita decided to issue the challenge she’d held back since she first heard of this girl. “Everyone keeps talking about how strong you are and I want you to prove it.” The entire hall grew silent at these words, expecting the brawl they predicted. “Why don’t you and I have an arm wrestling match?”
Rachel replied, “It’s a nice offer, but I don’t want to break your arm.” She said it in the same casual tone of voice she had used before. Even though there was no sarcasm or sauciness in her voice, the boldness of the statement was made all the more irritating. Amy and Serena saw their friend’s anger and tried to hold her back. They couldn’t prevent her from saying something that would escalate the situation, however.
“Trying to act smart, eh. You don’t want to face me because you’re scared. I can beat you on my worst day.”
Suddenly a smirk appeared on Rachel’s face. “Tell me where, and when.”
Five minutes later everything was set up for the match. A small table and two chairs were provided for the combatants. As each girl sat down, the crowd chanted, “Lita! Lita!”
“One,” a boy said, playing the role of the referee. Rachel and Lita put their right arms on the table ready to grapple. “Two.” The girls locked hands. “Three.”
At first it seemed to be a stalemate, with both competitors balancing each other out. Then after a minute, Rachel began to push Lita’s arm over. Lita gritted her teeth as she tried to turn the tide, but could not. In the name of Jupiter, give me the strength to defeat my adversary, she prayed, not wanting to lose her reputation along with this match. In response to her supplication. she got a burst of strength which enabled her to turn the tide. The process was slow and difficult, but Rachel started to succumb to the power of Jupiter. It got even harder as she tried to pin her opponent’s arm to the table’s surface. Sweat began to form on the brunette’s forehead, but her goal was near, for Rachel’s arm was only a half of an inch off the table. Just a little more...

In less than a second Rachel had pinned Lita’s arm to the table. Not only that but now the table had a large crack in it, due to the impact of the collision. Everyone was stunned at what happened; no one could believe how Rachel, who was so close to defeat, won the match. Some yelled that she had cheated but that chant quickly quieted down, replaced by that of her name. As she made her way through the crowd, they parted to form a path for their idol. Only the five that originally welcomed her remained; all others followed their new heroine.
Amy took a look at Lita’s arm, looking for any signs of any broken bones or bruises. “Don’t worry,” Lita assured. “I’m fine. After all, I did start this. I guess this is what I deserve.”
“Hold still,” the blue-haired one commanded. She carefully inspected every part of Lita’s arm from her shoulder to her fingertips and found no serious damage. “You were lucky. She could have ripped your arm from your body.”
“I don’t believe how she beat me so easily. For the entire time she was toying with me. She could have beaten me whenever she wanted.” She tried to move her arm. “Ouch!” Amy was about to look at it again when she said, “It’s just a little sore that’s all.” The truth was her shoulder was killing her, but she had to maintain a stoic attitude, else her friends would never stop bothering her about the injury.
Melvin, still stunned by the display of strength, remarked, “Wow! Isn’t she something!”
Serena gave the reply while the gears inside her head turned. “Yes she is, Melvin. Yes she is.”

* * *​

Crossroads Junior High School dismissed at three o’clock as usual, with its students fleeing the building faster than if it had been on fire. Though some of the students had to travel from outside of the neighborhood, to most it only took a simple walk to get home. Among these were Molly and Melvin, who lived pretty close to each other. This couple didn’t walk hand in hand and in fact Molly seemed as though she didn’t want to be bothered with him.
“But Molly--” he tried to explain.
“Don’t say anything to me! You acted like a total fool today, babbling on and on Rachel. The way you talked about her, I’d think you have a crush on her.”
“You’re the only one I love.”
She continued, ignoring Melvin. “Why did you keep telling everybody about how strong and smart she was? Didn’t you realize that after the third time you told them that everybody knew already?” She began to mock Melvin’s tone of voice. “ ‘Rachel has an IQ of 330, higher than our resident genius Amy.’ ‘Rachel is a master at computer programming.’ Rachel this, Rachel that. I don’t believe you can be so--”
“I was ju--”
“Jealous. Yeah you can say that I am.” Her voice was now much more subdued. “I’m sorry Melvin. I’m the one who acted like a fool.”
“Don’t apologize.” For the first time since they began to walk home from school, Molly began to listen to what he was saying. “You were right, maybe my fascination with this girl is a form of infatuation. But I’ll always love you, even if I don’t act like it sometimes.” As a reward for that last awkward statement, Molly gave her special friend a peck on the cheek, one that sent him into a celebration dance. His uncoordination got the best of him and he tripped over his own two feet, about to fall backward onto the sidewalk. As he expected to make contact with the cement, he felt someone catch him.
Rachel, his guardian angel, saved him form himself. Neither Melvin nor Molly saw her approach, but the former was glad she showed herself at that moment.
“We don’t want anything to happen to you,” she said while steadying the teenager.
“Thanks,” he muttered as he felt a strange feeling come over him. He tried to fight it, but somehow he couldn’t help but falling under a spell which the enchantress was unaware she had cast.
“Maybe we can start again from the beginning, without any interruptions this time. You’re Melvin Light, right?”
Rachel still couldn’t believe this was her “grandfather.” No wonder Dr. Light hardly mentioned him; he was the stereotype of every studious person, doing well academically and poorly in the social circle. For once, she was glad she wasn’t her father’s biological daughter, or else she might have inherited some of Melvin’s qualities.
She turned toward his companion. “And you’re Molly Baker?”
“Uh huh,” she confirmed. Her name had no significance in the future, for she had never heard the name before traveling to the past. Yet that sense of familiarity clung to the red-head and just wouldn’t shake off, no matter how hard Rachel tried. Molly decided to get her new friend to open up as they started to walk again. “How did you like your first day at Crossroads?”
“It was okay, but there were quite a few surprises.”
“You mean that match?”
“I want to apologize to that girl, but I couldn’t find her after the incident.”
“She was probably avoiding you, seeing that you had a mob of supporters surrounding you.”
Melvin decided to jump in. “By the way, how did you get rid of the crowd?”
“I just sneaked into a room when they weren’t looking and waited for the crowd to disperse.” What she didn’t tell them was that the door she to the room was locked and she had to break the lock in order to get in. But even if these two knew her true identity, she probably wouldn’t have told them anyway. She had more sense than to give away more information than necessary.
“Which room?”
“Melvin!” Molly exclaimed, appalled at the question.
“I just want to know.”
“You know, sometimes I wonder why I even bother with you!”
“Well what? Don’t you have any common sense? Why would you even ask something like that?!”
“I don’t know.”
“You don’t know anything. You may be good in school but when it comes to the real world you don’t have a clue!”
Rachel couldn’t sit back and listen to her berate him, for Molly’s yelling was an open invitation for an attack by Wily. People began to stare at the trio, and she knew she had to stop this one-sided argument now. Before she could even speak, she found herself losing her balance, being pulled to the ground head first. She didn’t feel the impact of it hitting her face for someone stopped her descent.
The guardian angel had a guardian angel.
“Watch your step,” he said with a voice she almost recognized. He helped her up and checked her for any bruises that may have appeared. While he made sure she was okay, she studied her mysterious savior. He stood at an even six feet and had a medium build. His hair was dark brown and short in a manner not differing much from Melvin’s except it wasn’t as untidy. Dressed in a black leather jacket and pants, his outfit resembled that of a rebellious teenager from the mid-twentieth century. He wore black tennis shoes to go with it. But the strangest thing about his appearance wasn’t his apparel, but his eyewear. He wore a pair of dark, casual sunglasses which concealed his eyes while allowing him to see everything that was going on. It reminded her of someone else, but she shrugged the feeling off, deciding to ignore her intuition.
He spoke once again. “You look all right, but you should really watch where you’re going.”
“Normally I do,” she replied. “I don’t know what happened.”
“You tripped over that raised part of the sidewalk. Most people who are new to this area do that.”
“So what’s your name?” She expected it to be something like Ken or Ricky by the sound of his tenor voice.
“Adam, but I prefer to be called Shades.”
Rachel searched through her memory chips for the name Adam. She came up with only one match.
“Adam Pierson?”
“No, but you’re close. It’s Peabody. Adam Peabody. What’s your name?”
“I’m Rachel Olander.”
“I thought your name would have been Tessa.” The two laughed at their common bond. It seems both of them had some knowledge of Highlander: The Series. “So who are your friends?” Rachel had forgotten all about them until he mentioned them, and chided herself for her carelessness.
“This is Melvin Light and Molly Baker.”
“What school are you three coming from?”
“Crossroads Junior High School,” Molly answered. “It’s not far from here.”
Rachel looked at her watch, even though she had an internal chronometer that she couldn’t shut off. However, she had disregarded it like she had done to her intuition and was surprised that it was already three-thirty. “Oh no!” she shouted. “It’s late. Maybe I’ll see you again.”
“I hope so,” answered Adam. As the three left he walked down the street a little while, then went into a short, dead-end alley. Out of his jacket he pulled a device that looked like a battery-operated portable television with a one by two inch screen. Pressing a button, Wily’s image came upon the screen.
“What news do you bring, Protoman?” the madman asked his creation.
“I think I’ve just found your target.”

* * *​

Using her Luna Pen to disguise herself, Serena had taken the form of a lawyer. With glasses and her hair tied to the nape of her neck, no one, not even her fellow Scouts could know who she was. She immersed herself in this identity, wearing a red jacket and skirt with a white blouse and carrying a briefcase in hand. She was no longer Serena White but Arlene H. Quincy, attorney at law. Before she could get too deep into her fantasy, she reminded herself that she was on a mission-- to discover the true identity of Rachel Olander.
“I don’t understand why you’re doing this,” Luna said, trying to keep up with Serena. She had injured one of her paws when the girl accidentally knocked her off the bed that morning.
“Shh,” she whispered. “There are people around.” She paused for a moment. “They’ve stopped and Rachel is talking to some guy. We’d better hide before we get too close.”
“Serena, you’re in disguise. They won’t know who you are.”
“I told you to be quiet.” The next street she came to was an alley, which she entered. Luna followed her and each time she put her paw on the pavement, pain shot through it. “Okay, we can talk.”
“You’re normally not this determined unless it has something to do with Darien.”
“Luna, this is very important.”
“What is so important about following that girl. She isn’t the first new girl at the school.”
“I think she’s one of us.” Luna didn’t show any expression of surprise on her face, but Serena could tell that she was surprised.
“Rachel? A Sailor Scout?”
“If you saw the way she handled Lita today, you’d think so too.”
“Oh goodness! They didn’t fight, did they?”
“No, it was just a friendly arm wrestling match. What do you say, Luna? Do you think she could be a Scout?”
Luna paused, carefully thinking about the situation. At last, she answered, “It’s possible, but we’d have to get closer. I can’t get a good read on her from back here.”
“Okay then.” Before she emerged from the alley, Serena turned around noticed that Luna was wincing in pain. “Are you okay, Luna?”
“I’m fine. My paw is a little sore, that’s all.”
“Then I’ll carry you.”
“Really, Serena. How would that look to Molly, a lawyer carrying a cat in her arms that just happened to look like the one owned by her best friend?”
“You’re right,” she conceded with a frown upon her face. Then suddenly, she got an idea. She pulled out her Luna Disguise Pen. “Disguise Power! Change me into a...a...a woman returning home from the supermarket!” In a flash, the old outfit was gone and now Serena wore a long-sleeved, light blue shirt and beige pants. In her hand she carried an empty grocery bag, which she set on the ground.
“What does changing clothes have to do with--” Luna couldn’t finish her sentence as the next thing she felt was the human picking her up and dumping her into the grocery bag.
“Don’t worry, Luna. I’ll tell you when were getting close.”
“I think I’m going to be sick,” she complained in a low voice as Serena picked the bag up and resumed following Rachel.
As the girl walked down the street to find the trio, she saw a man wearing sunglasses walk past her, going in the opposite direction. At that moment, the bag jumped violently, which Serena played off as clumsiness. In a few minutes, when only a few people stood outside, she felt safe enough to converse with her cat.
“What was that about?” she asked. “We’re supposed to be undercover, remember.”
“Didn’t you feel the vibes off of her?”
“We haven’t caught up to her yet. I’ll tell you when we get there.”
“I wonder from whom did that energy radiate. It felt evil. Maybe we should check it out.”
“First things first. We find our Scout, then we deal with the Negaverse. Besides, that person you sensed may have just had a really bad day.”
“Let’s just get this over with. I’m beginning to develop claustrophobia in here.”
“Okay, then.” Serena sped up from a casual walk to a brisk one, hoping to get this over with as quickly a possible.

* * *​

Rachel was confused.
More than confused, she was baffled. Melvin and Molly had went through more arguments in the past five minutes more times than Mega Man had faced Dr. Wily. Each began and ended the same way, first with Melvin making a remark which set Molly off. Then after screaming at him for a minute she calmed down and apologized. As soon as he said something else then the entire cycle started again. Rachel wondered why he would take so much abuse from her and hoped for his sake she was just in a touchy mood that day.
All three walked at a brisk pace, a pace set by the tall girl. After all, Melvin would be safer in his house than in the street where he was easy prey for an attack. Unfortunately, Melvin had fallen into the practice of walking Molly home, and the time he could have used to get himself out of danger was wasted on a show of chivalry rewarded with a harsh ear beating. As far as she knew, Molly could take care of herself quite handily, and wasn’t the damsel-in-distress type. It wasn’t as though she was a prime target for assassination-- that privilege belonged to her boyfriend.
Rachel had heard it and knew what it was.
Thud. Thud.
These were footsteps, steps which the humans could hear as well.
“What was--” Melvin tried to ask before Rachel placed her hand over his mouth.
Rachel didn’t have enough time to think, for the next thing she saw was a large object seem to leap into the air. Looking at it, she made some rapid calculations and concluded that it would land right where they stood in a mere ten seconds.
“Run!” she yelled and the three scattered, Molly going one way, Melvin and Rachel going another. As a shadow formed on the ground where they once stood, all three were amazed by the orange, black and yellow streak which struck the pavement with such a force that the concrete was instantly turned to rubble. A shock wave went through the concrete and asphalt, producing an earthquake that knocked all three down like a well aimed bowling ball. It wasn’t until Rachel got her bearings together that she visually confirmed what she had already known.
The creature was Guts Man. One of Wily’s robots. A very powerful bot at that too.
And the three of them didn’t stand a chance.
“Oh no, why am I always attacked by monsters?” Molly asked, which puzzled Rachel. Wily couldn’t have been in this time period more than a day before she, Mega, Dr. Light, and Rush arrived. Could Wily have been here longer than that? Was Molly important to the future as well? Rachel didn’t know the answers to these questions, nor was this the place for them. All she knew was that she had to but some time, allow Melvin some time to get away. The boy may have been a clumsy nerd, but he had to be protected at all costs.
“Okay, loser,” Rachel said to Guts Man. “The only way you’re getting to him is through me.” With these words she launched herself at him and performed a mid-air jump kick that would have knocked down any man, perhaps even a robot. Guts Man was no ordinary robot, however, and caught her in mid-air with surprising ease and quickness. For a moment, he held her and almost recognized her before he remembered his mission. With his powerful robotic arms he hurled Rachel into a wall of a building across the street. The blow knocked her unconscious and Guts Man could begin his task, the destruction of Melvin Light.
It would only take one blow from the robot’s massive arm to crush Melvin. His target wasn’t going to make it easy for him and began to run for his life. But the huge behemoth simply pounded his fist into the ground, creating another earthquake which sent the boy tumbling to the ground. Guts Man walked over to the fallen body and with menacing eyes looked at his prey, lifting his arms for the final blow.
And all Melvin could do was close his eyes and utter a prayer.
He felt his body slam into the ground and let out a scream; he had thought it was over. Then he heard a voice tell him, “Open your eyes.” He obeyed the command and saw Sailor Moon, his second guardian angel of that day. In awe and surprise he stared at her, grateful to be alive while struck by her beauty. He looked around and saw that he was several yards from his original position, out of harm’s way.
“Are you ok?” she asked. Melvin, at a loss for words, merely nodded. “Good. I’ll take care of this Negatrash!” She spun around and looked at her enemy. “I am Sailor Moon, the champion for justice!” She paused, partially for dramatic effect, but mostly as a stall tactic to allow Melvin and the girls to escape. Sailor Moon had fought plenty of enemies, but none were like Guts Man. She would need the other Scouts to help her fight this creature, and they were on their way. Until then she’d have to do her best not to get smashed. “In the name of the moon, I will right all wrongs and triumph over evil. Leave these innocent people alone, or I’ll turn you into moondust so quick you won’t know what hit you!”
After she had finished speaking Guts Man just laughed, saying “Great speech! Now I’m going to clobber you.” He hurled a garbage can that was near him in her direction. She narrowly dodged the projectile and could feel it graze the end of her pigtails.
Summoning all the false confidence she could muster, Sailor Moon taunted, “Ha! Missed me!” This time Guts Man walked toward Sailor Moon, picking up all sorts of objects to throw at Sailor Moon. She avoided every one, all the time backing away from Guts Man. However he could keep playing this game all day while she couldn’t. Sailor Moon was no robot, she was getting tired and desperate. Why aren’t they here already? Where are they at? All of a sudden, in an attempt to avoid another garbage can, she found herself falling on the concrete sidewalk. She had tripped on the curb, and it had cost her. Before she could get up, Guts Man lifted another garbage can, ready to toss it at the heroine.
Without warning a rose was thrown, stem first, right at the feet of Guts Man. It was embedded in the ground which amazed him so much that he dropped the garbage can. “Huh?” he asked, confused.
“You like to throw things?” asked a voice from above. Guts Man looked up and saw Tuxedo Mask, standing on top of a telephone pole. “I can play that game too.”
“You won’t be playing anything once I’m through with you.” One punch was all it took for Guts Man to break the pole like a toothpick. Tuxedo Mask was prepared for this move and leapt into the air just before the pole was hit. As he descended to the ground, he threw a rose directly at the red hemisphere in Guts Man’s chest. As it struck a shattering sound echoed through the area. Unfortunately for Tuxedo Mask, it was the rose that didn’t survive the collision. The rose had broken into tiny fragments, just like any plan of attack either Sailor Moon or Tuxedo Mask had to defeat this creature.
All they could do now was hope the Scouts could get there in time.

* * *​

With her regular arm, Roll wouldn’t have proved to be such a pushover to Guts Man. The utensils in the arm would have made up for the difference in the power levels between the robots. However, that arm was very conspicuous, especially in a time where humanoid robots hadn’t been invented yet. So she had to make due with this attachment even if she didn’t like it very much. After all, she was supposed to be Rachel Olander, junior high school student, not a super hero.
As Rachel came to, she was surprised that she still existed. Upon the destruction of Melvin she would disappear, a mere memory in the minds of the people who met her today. Yet she was conscious, alive and functioning and had to find out why. Before she could even get up two figures rushed to help her-- Molly and Melvin! Both took her by her sides and gingerly helped her to her feet. The strain was much more than they expected as neither of them were very strong. Rachel righted herself in the nick of time so that she wouldn’t be a burden.
“You’re alive!” she shouted in relief.
Melvin replied, “Yes. If it weren’t for Sailor Moon I wouldn’t be.”
“Sailor who?” The name was one she knew, but only vaguely. She had been programmed with stories of the heroine in her memory banks, but had though the tales were only legends.
“Look over there!” Melvin pointed toward the area where Guts Man and Sailor Moon were fighting. Tuxedo Mask had been knocked out while preventing Sailor Moon from getting hit by an airborne tire. She was clearly on the run, every now and then pulling out her scepter and firing at the bot, with no effect. Rachel saw she needed help, but she couldn’t call Mega Man, at least not with Molly and Melvin watching. She’d need a diversion, something unexpected to distract the two humans. Nothing short of a major weather event, like a tornado would do that. The angel prayed for a miracle.
“Mercury Bubbles Blast!” shouted a teenaged girl.
And she got one.
In that instant fog enclosed upon the area, reducing the visibility to zero. Nobody could see a thing. Not Guts Man. Not Sailor Moon. Not even Rachel. But she knew this was her chance. With the flick of the wrist her hand was replaced by an object that closely resembled a miniature hand held gaming device. Pushing a few buttons, she silently sent a distress call to Dr. Light, explaining the situation. He in turn told her that Mega Man was on his way. Until then she should keep Molly and Melvin out of the fighting but in the area. Wily could have all his robots on the lookout for them, roaming the city. With the transmission completed she felt for the others’ hands and found them saying, “Don’t worry it’s going to be okay.”
“I hope so,” Molly said softly.

* * *​

“Mercury!” exclaimed Sailor Moon as the other Scout ran up to her. “Where are the others?”
“Jupiter should be here any minute,” reported Sailor Mercury. “I don’t know what happened to Venus and Mars”
“We’re going to need all of them here to defeat this creep. I’ve fired my scepter seven times at him, and he wasn’t even hurt once!”
“I saw how your shots bounced off of him. That’s why I used my old attack. If he shrugged off your powers so easily, there’s no telling what he’ll do to mine We needed to buy some time.” And they had. The question was how much. Eventually, the fog would dissipate to the point where Guts Man could see them. Once that happened, it would be the end of the road for the fighters for justice. “Where’s Tuxedo Mask? Doesn’t he show up if we’re losing?”
“He’s...over there.” She looked over to her left, even though she couldn’t see him. Mercury could see his outline laying prone on the asphalt. She ran toward him, followed by Sailor Moon, and checked his injuries. “He got knocked out trying to save my life.”
“He got hit pretty hard.” She noticed a few bruises, mostly around the back of his cranium. “He’ll wake up in a few minutes, though.”
“Oh, Darien,” Serena cried softly, sounding like her former self, Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom.
“Boy, did he get creamed!” Neither Sailor Moon nor Sailor Mercury uttered those words. Jupiter had arrived and she was ready to fight. “Where’s the sleaze who did this?”
With a quick tap of her finger to her temple, a blue visor appeared over Mercury’s eyes, enabling her to see through the fog. She found Guts Man wandering around, looking for them. Pointing her gloved hand in his direction, she said, “He’s over there, but...” Before she could even voice a warning, Sailor Jupiter had left, running after him.
She called out to Guts Man. “Okay, tough guy. Try this on for size. Jupiter Thunder Dragon!” The heat of the lightning began to disperse the fog to the point where it was no longer a hindrance to vision but a mere nuisance. That was the only effect it had, though, as the dragon simply fizzled as it hit the robot, who began to laugh.
“Thanks a lot, lady. You’ve just made this a whole lot easier.” He then picked up a slab of sidewalk. He didn’t expect the slab to crumble into pieces in his hands. He looked around-- up, down, left, right, and behind-- until he saw the reason for the destruction of the slice of concrete he held.
“What’s that blue dweeb doing here?” Guts Man asked himself.
“Eat Plasma, Guts Man.”
It was Mega Man, who was riding on Rush in his jet form. He had another shot ready, and fired it at straight at Guts Man. Plasma shot after plasma shot rocked Guts Man, but he still remained standing. It was going to take more than technology to defeat this adversary and Mega Man had an idea.
On the ground, the three Scouts were amazed at this blue creature and stared at him in awe as he kept pummeling their opponent with shots. Guts Man simply absorbed the blows, even though they were damaging him. He threw a mailbox at Mega Man, which didn’t come close to hitting him. The blue bomber jumped off of Rush and fired another shot at Guts Man, and this time he fell down. As Mega Man went over to the Sailor Scouts, Rush followed, reverting to his regular form when he reached the ground.
“Which one of you can control the weather,” he asked. Sailor Moon had a surprised look on her face.
“I can create fog and freeze things,” Mercury answered.
“And how about the two of you?”
“If you need lightning, I’m your girl.” It was obvious by the sound of Jupiter’s voice that she found something intriguing about the robot, something she’d like to explore.
“And you?” he asked Sailor Moon, uninterested by the crush Jupiter started to develop on him.
“I have the Moon Scepter, of course. The most powerful weapon in the universe.”
“All right here’s the plan.” He explained it quickly for Guts Man wouldn’t stay down for long. “Ready?” he asked them.
“Ready!” they all shouted at once. Guts Man had finally gotten up and was angrier than ever.
“I’m going to pulverize you, Mega Jerk!” Guts Man yelled. He searched for his enemy and saw him standing a few yards away.
“Go ahead,” Mega Man taunted. “Give me your best shot!” Guts Man picked up a fire hydrant that was directly beside him and threw it at him, while being showered by the water that emitted from the hole where the hydrant once stood. It missed the blue bomber, albeit barely, and Wily’s robot wasn’t going to get another chance.
Suddenly, Mercury shouted, “Mercury Ice Bubbles Blast!” Her attack was timed perfectly and Guts Man was frozen. It was much worse than if Mercury were freezing him somewhere else, for the water intensified her power.
He was helpless as Jupiter yelled, “Jupiter Thunder Dragon!” She summoned the large dragon once more and this time it hit him hard. Guts Man was weakened by the ice and electric attacks. Now, only one blow was needed to defeat him. Mega Man charged his arm cannon while Sailor Moon pulled out her scepter once again. She waved it taunting the bot, then with the words, “Moon Scepter Elimination” a spiral of hearts came from the tip of it. Simultaneously Mega Man fired his blaster, releasing a powerful shot. The impact of the energy from the scepter and the blaster caused Guts Man to literally fall to pieces.
“Great job, Sailor Scouts.” Tuxedo Mask had said those words. Even though he stood proud and tall as always, Sailor Moon could tell he hadn’t completely recovered from the blow. He walked over to Mega Man, “Thank you, whoever you are.”
“Yeah,” Jupiter interjected. “Who are you?”
Mega Man gave the four of them his name, but not his reason for being there. “And you are...”
The leader of the Scouts spoke. “I’m Sailor Moon, and these are my fellow Sailor Scouts Mercury and Jupiter. This man is Tuxedo Mask. Usually, Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars fight with us, but--”
“But what?” Mars inquired. Sailor Moon hadn’t seen Mars or Venus sneak up behind her and was startled at the sound of her voice.
“It’s about time.”
“You try to get here from the other side of town in less than ten minutes.”
“I wouldn’t be on the other side of town.”
“Hey!” Jupiter shouted. “Now isn’t the time for this.” The two bickering girls looked at each other and grumbled, but didn’t say anything loud enough for the other to hear.
Molly, Melvin, and Rachel came running to those who had saved their lives. “Thank you Sailor Moon,” Molly said. “Without you we would have been history.”
Or never part of it, Rachel thought.
“No problem,” Sailor Moon replied. “The Negaverse can’t stand up to us.”
Mega Man whistled to Rush who went into his jet form again and flew toward his master, hovering beside him. “I guess this is good-bye.” He hopped on Rush and the two ascended into the sky. He waved at those on the ground and watched them wave back before flying off.
“Maybe we’d better finish that walk,” Rachel commented. “before something else happens. She, Melvin, and Molly turned and continued on their way, not taking a glance backward. She wished she had personally extended her gratitude to Sailor Moon and nearly ran back toward the Scouts but knew if she looked back, the pretty sailor-suited soldiers would be gone.

* * *​

Night had fallen on the city and the pile of robot parts that used to be Guts Man laid on the ground. Out of nowhere, the Flying Skull appeared and a weird light shined on the body parts. Dismembered arms and legs floated up into the aircraft, as if a victim of an alien abduction. The ship then disappeared as quickly as it had came, leaving a “W” in the spot where the bot laid before.
This isn’t over, Mega Man. The fun has just begun.
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