The Truth fanfiction

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Systema Solare
Jul 22, 2009
Hi guys back in yee olden days of my youth I stumbled on this weird Sailor Moon fanfiction. It was called the truth and the main character was called Atia Tamuchi or Sailor Solar. It pretty much followed the 90s dub canon down to Haruka and Michiru being cousins. One weird thing that was done that I thought that made no sense was that instead of using the canon Sailor Saturn Hotaru this person made their own called Lia that was Atia's sister. The timeline made no sense as well as it kind of was like their own take on the S season except with new enemies but yet without Hotaru. Oddly enough her character Lia still used Hotaru's silence glaive. The story wasn't that good and was riddled with plot holes but it was kind of fascinating in a weird way and I would be thrilled if someone wouldn't mind to post the link where I could find it. I believe the woman in question had a fansite somewhere on the net but I don't know the address nor know how to find it.