To mend a broken heart

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Seiya’s heart is breaking. There is nothing he can say or do. All he can do is keep his pain hidden. He has lost his will to love. A mysterious young woman enters his life. Can she help him learn how to love again?

Chapter 1​
The story takes place six months after the defeat of Galaxia. The Starlights and Princess Kakyuu have rebuilt Kinmoku. It is more beautiful than it was before. The garden has red, white, and yellow roses. There are more marble benches this time.

Healer is the youngest of the Starlights

” Hello Healer in the garden again? ” said Kakyuu.

” Hello Princess, ” Healer says bowing.

” The garden relaxes me, ” Healer added.

” The garden is beautiful, ” said Kakyuu smiling.

Kakyuu leaves Healer with her camera sitting next to her and heads to the palace. The palace glistens in the sun. It has stained glass windows that make rainbows when the sun shines on the floor. There is a library on the main floor. Books cover the walls. Maker is reading when Kakyuu enters.

” Enjoying the library I see, ” Kakyuu said.

” Yes Princes, ” Maker said bowing.

” I am glad you like it, ” she said.

Maker gets back to her book while Kakyuu smiles and waves goodbye.

Lastly, to check on Fighter. Since the building of the training room, she stays mostly there. She trains the majority of the day. She stops only to eat and sleep. Kakyuu carefully enters the training room.

” Hello Fighter, ” she says smiling.

” Hello, Princess I did not hear you come in, ” Fighter bowing.

” I did not want to disturb your training, ” Kakyuu replied.

” Fighter, are you okay? ” she asks.

” Yes, Princess I am alright, ” Fighter replies.

” I just want to focus on getting stronger, ” she added.

Maker and Healer enter the training room as Fighter finishes her session. The training dummy looks worse than she does. She is out of breath.

” Coming to dinner? ” Maker and Healer asked.

” I will be right there, ” Fighter responded.

” Don’t worry about me, ” she added.

That evening Fighter is in her room. She is sitting on her bed. The nights are making it harder and harder to sleep. Fighter requests sleeping pills without her companions knowing.
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Chapter 2​
Fighter wakes up to a knock on her door. She was not happy to be woken so early. She opens the door to find Healer standing there. Usually, it is Healer that sleeps in and Fighter waking up early.

” Coming to breakfast? ” Healer asks.
” I’ll come when I am ready squirt, ” Fighter says throwing a pillow at Her.
Healer picks up the pillow and throws it back at Fighter laughing.
” Don’t take all day, ” says Healer.

Healer walks out of the room. She heads down to eat breakfast. Fifteen minutes later Fighter shows up. She grabs some fruit and starts eating it.

” What are you doing today? ” asked Maker looking at Healer.
” I plan on taking photos of Kinmoku, ” Healer replied.
” What about you? ” she added.
” Write some poetry in the library, ” Maker replies.
” We need to train, ” interrupted Fighter.
” Take a break Fighter, ” ” Chill out, ” said Healer.
” Fighter you need to take a day off from training, ” said Kakyuu.

Fighter is not happy but agrees to her princess’s request. The training room is the only place that can help her keep her mind off the moon princess and her pain. They have taken it away for one day from her. Fighter changes into black jeans and a white t-shirt.

” I am going out, ” Fighter says to her companions.
” Want some company? ” asks Healer.
” Not right now, ” Fighter answered.
” Maybe later, ” she added.

An hour later Fighter is strolling the streets. She is trying to keep her mind on things around her. Fighter comes up to a club they had built. She goes in and orders a juice. Healer sees her walk in and waves.

” Hi Fighter did not expect to see you here, ” she said.
” I stumbled across it, ” Fighter said.
” When did you? ” she asked.
” A week ago, ” Healer replies.
” While I was taking pictures, ” she added.
” Sorry for making you mad earlier, ” she said.
” It is okay it is partially my fault, ” Fighter said.

They head home after having their drinks. Fighter is in a better mood. Healer has helped her forget things for one day. It was late when they got to their rooms. They are too tired to eat. Fighter sleeps through the night.
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Chapter 3​
A couple of days later Princess Kakyuu sends for her Starlights. There is an announcement she has to make. Fighter, Healer, and Maker stand before her bowing.
" I have invited the Earth Senshi and Sailor Moon over, " she said.
" When are they to arrive? " asks Healer and Maker.
" Noon today, " Kakyuu replied.
" I'll make preparations, " Fighter replies.

Fighter goes to her room. She wants to stay there all day but knows she can't. They are coming at noon. She has to greet them. Fighter tries to take a nap before they get there. She does not get much sleep because her mind was racing. Fighter heads to the landing bay as they approach.
" Hi Maker, " says Ami as she exits the platform.
" Hi, " Maker says blushing.
" Hello Healer, " Minako says beaming.
" Hi there, " Healer says.
Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Max come down the platform hand in hand
" Welcome to Kinmoku, " says Fighter
Sailor Moon smilies. She hugs Fighter. She stiffens from the embrace. Fighter smiles at her. Everyone changes into their civilian forms. The Earth Senshi goes to their rooms.
" If you need anything just ask, " says Healer and Maker.
" Thanks, " says the girls in unison.

Ami gets done with the unpacking. She looks around then finds the library. The size of it amazes her. Ami finds Maker at a table reading. She is in her civilian form.
" Hi Taiki, " she says.
" Hi, there Ami, " Taiki responds with a smile.
" What are you reading? " she asks.
" Just some poetry, " replies Taiki showing her the book.

Minako finds the music room. Yaten is taking pictures of it.
" Want me to sing for you? " she asks."
" Sure and I'll take pictures, " he says.
Minako starts singing. Yaten takes pictures of her.

Mako finds the kitchen. She asks if she can help. She explains her interest in cooking. The chef is thrilled to show her around.

Rei asks if there is a temple anywhere. One of the locals takes her to the nearest one. Rei thanks her and enters the temple. Now she can meditate and relax.

" I am glad to have you here, " Kakyuu says.
" Thank you for having us, " Usagi says.
" Where is Fighter? " she asks.
" Probably the training room, " Kakyuu replies.
" She spends a lot of her time there, " she added.
Kakyuu takes them to the training room.
" Star Serious Laser " is being used on the training dummy.
" Moon Eternal Make Up " Stands Sailor Moon.
She enters the training room with Tuxedo Max. She starts to say something to Fighter.
" Star Serious Laser " a bolt of energy heads her way.
She has broken Fighter's concentration and surprises her. The bolt of energy skims her right arm. Fighter notices who is in front of her.
" I am sorry but do not ever sneak up on me, " she says.
" Are you hurt? " she asks.
" I am fine, " Sailor Moon says.
" It is just a scratch, " she adds.
Fighter goes back to her room. Hurting Sailor Moon going through her mind. They are here. They are in front of her. Fighter's pain is going to be hard to hide.
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Chapter 4​
Fighter has hurt Sailor Moon and is upset about it. She decides to avoid Sailor Moon at all costs. Seeing Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Max will make her pain unbearable. She might accidentally hurt her again. Fighter does as many duties she can.

" Coming down to dinner? " Healer asks.
" Leave me alone I will eat in my room, " Fighter says snapping at her.
" No need to yell at me, " Healer says frightened.
" Sorry, " Fighter says apologizing.
" I want to eat in my room, " she adds.
Healer walks out of the room. She closes the door behind her.

An hour later Fighter is in the dining hall. She is grabbing some fresh fruit. Fighter goes to her room to eat them. Luckily no one was around. Healer is with Minako. Maker is with Ami.

" You go home tomorrow, " Healer says sadly.
" I'll miss you, " Minako says.
" Maybe you can visit, " she adds.
Healer walks her to her room hand in hand.

" I will miss you, " Maker says.
" I will miss you too, " Ami says.
" Don't forget to look at the skies, " Maker says.
" I won'tI'll remember you always, " Ami replies.
Maker kisses her on the forehead at her door.
Healer and Maker say goodbye to their friends. Fighter is not around.

" Here are some books and poetry, " Maker says handing them to Ami.
" Thank you, " Ami says.
" Here are some photos I took of you, " says Healer.
" I'll cherish them, " says Minako.
" Thank you for inviting us princess, " says Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Max.
They wave as they take off. Fighter is watching in the shadows.
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Chapter 5​
After the visit from Sailor Moon and the other Earth Senshi Seiya's ability to hide his pain is breaking down. Fighter, his female form is having depression and anger issues. She is cutting herself off from her other two companions.

Healer knocks on Fighter's door.
" Wake up sleepy head, " she says.
" What do you want? " asks Fighter opening her door.
" Time to eat, " says Healer entering the room.
" Can't you leave me alone!, " says Fighter shoving Healer.

Maker hears the commotion and goes to investigate. She finds Healer in a corner on the ground. She is looking at Fighter terrified.
" Fighter what is going on? " asks Maker.
" Healer does not know when to leave me alone, " replied Fighter raising her voice.
" That does not give you the right to shove her, " says Maker.
" I'll take Healer out of here but cool your head before coming down!" Maker says

Maker takes Healer out of Fighter's room. She is still trembling. Maker takes her to the hospital wing to be checked out. There are tears in Healer's eyes. She has never cried in front of them.
" I am right here, " says Maker soothing Healer.
" What did I do to make her mad? " asks Healer voice breaking.
" You did nothing wrong it is her, " says Maker taking Healer's hand.
" She is going to be okay, " says the doctor.
" Take it easy for a few days, " he says

Maker nods at the doctor and heads to Healer's room. Healer is still jumpy. She slowly lays on her bed. Maker stays until her companion is asleep.
" We need to talk Princess, " says Maker.
" What about my starlight? " she asks.
" You notice any changes in Fighter? " Maker asks.
" Moody, Quiet, etc. " Kakyuu replies.
" Why? " she adds.
" She hurt Healer earlier but not bad, " Maker says.
" Over stupid stuff, " she adds.
" Is Healer alright? " Kakyuu asks concerned.
" Yes just bruised, " says Maker.
" Doctor says to take it easy. Princess Fighter scared her, " she adds.

Maker thanks Kakyuu for the talk. She heads back to Healer's room. Emotionally she does not need to be left alone. Physically she will be fine. Kakyuu passes Fighter in the hallway. Fighter sees her but does not say a word. Kakyuu wants to say something but stays quiet. " What is troubling you so much Fighter? " she asks herself.
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Chapter 6​
Maker checks on Healer the next morning. She is asleep curled up in a ball. The blanket wrapped around her. Maker sits in a chair and watches her. Healer slowly opens her eyes. She senses someone in her room. Healer is relieved to see Maker there.
" Want some breakfast? " Maker asks.
" Just fruit and juice please, " Healer replies
" Can I eat in my room? I don't want to face Fighter today, " she asks quietly.
" Sure thing, " Maker replies.
" Lock the door I will be right back, " she adds.

A few moments later Maker is in the dining hall. Kakyuu is sitting at the table. Maker gets the food she wants. She bows to her Princess.
" How is Healer this morning? " Kakyuu asks concerned.
" She is going to eat in her room, " Maker replies.
" I am keeping watch over her Princess, " she adds.
" I will put Fighter on more duties so she can't do any more harm, " Kakyuu says.

A few moments later Maker is in Healer's room. Healer grabs some fruit. She silently eats it while Maker drinks her juice. Maker starts to give Healer a friendly hug. Healer backs away from her.
" It is alright I will never hurt you, " Maker says softly.

A few moments later Kakyuu calls Fighter into her throne room. A young woman is standing next to her. Fighter eyes the woman.
" Fighter this is Alphia, " says Kakyuu.
" She is a refugee I came across on my last trip, " she adds.
" Hello, " says Fighter extending her hand.
That moment a tingling went through Aphia's senses. Alphia has felt Fighter's pent up pain. Visions fill her head.
" Are you alright? " Kakyuu asks.
" I am fine, " says Alphia.
" I need to rest, " she adds.

Alphia goes to her room. " The man side of you loved her, " she says to herself. " Now you think you are not good enough for anyone, " she adds.
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Chapter 7​
A couple of days later Princess Kakyuu is showing Alphia around the palace. They come across Maker and Healer.
" Hello Starlights, " she says.
" This is Alphia, " she adds.
" Nice to meet you, " says Maker.
" You must be Healer then, " says Alphia gently taking her hand. Healer pulls away in panic.

Alphia gets wide-eyed and gasping for air. Kakyuu stands by her side.
" Are you alright? " asks Kakyuu.
" I will be okay, " Alphia replies.
" Can we talk? " asks Alphia.
" All of us without Fighter, " she adds.

Fifteen minutes pass. Alphia stands in front of Kakyuu. Her Starlights next to her.
" There is a lot of pain here, " Alphia says.
" I can feel it with one touch from someone, " she adds.
" My visions of people's pain make it worse, " she adds.
" Is that why you have those attacks? " Kakyuu asks.
" It is my curse, " Alphia replies.
" This started with Fighter/Seiya, " Alphia says.
" Who is Usagi/Sailor Moon? " she asks.

Kakyuu explains what happened on Earth.
" That is what my visions were about, " Alphia says.
" Seiya fell in love with her, " she says.
" She loved someone else, " she adds.
" Seiya/Fighter now feels as if he/she is not good enough for anyone's love, " Alphia says.

Alphia motions Kakyuu and Maker away from Healer. Sadness fills her eyes. Maker nods at Healer.
" I need to help with Healer's pain alone, " Alphia says.
" You have been her protector, " says Alphia looking at Maker.
" I need you to step back and let me try something, " she adds.
" Don't look for me, " says Alphia leaving.

Five minutes pass when Healer sees a kitten. It somehow enters the room. She watches it for a few moments. The kitten looks at her with its green eyes. Healer slowly walks up to it. The kitten purrs when she picks it up. Healer smiles for the first time in days. Healer puts the kitten down to let it roam. Healer goes to her room for the first time by herself.
" I am back, " Alphia says.
" Did Healer like our guest? " she asks.
" How do you know about the kitten? " Maker asks.
" It did relax her more, " she adds.
" I was the kitten, " says Alphia showing them.
" You have a gift, " says Kakyuu smiling.
" Healer is not telling anyone something I need to find out, " says Alphia.
" It is part of her pain, " she adds.
"Then can deal with Fighter, " she replies.

Kakyuu is impressed by Alphia's gifts. Maker is happy to see Healer smile again. Healer has found a new friend. Alphia knows she has a lot of work to do. These people need her help now.
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Chapter 8​
Alphia goes into the garden. She notices Healer there.
" Hello Healer, " she says softly.
" Remember me? I am Alphia, " she adds.
" Hello, " says Healer looking up confused at first.
" You can trust me, " Alphia says.

" You like photography? " asks Alphia noticing the camera.
" May I see? " she asks.
Healer hesitates then opens her book. Pictures are all over the pages.
" These are beautiful, " she says.
" Thank you, " says Healer with a small smile.

" I heard you made a new friend, " Alphia says.
" Yea," Healer says.
" Will it come back? " Healer asks.
" I am sure it will, " says Alphia smiling.
" Want me to find it? " she asks.

Healer nods a yes. She smiles at Alphia. Healer's mental barrier is slowly coming down. She is learning to trust again. Healer is taking pictures of the kitten. Alphia is with Kakyuu later that day.
" Hello, " Alphia says.
" How did today go? " asks Kakyuu.
" It went well, " says Alphia smiling.

Alphia explains what she did. Kakyuu is relieved. She is slowly opening up to people again. Five minutes pass when Healer shows up. She looks at Alphia.
" Hi, " Healer says.
" I have something for you, " says Healer handing Alphia a picture of the kitten.
" Thank you, " Alphia says.
" I wanted to thank you, " says Healer leaving.

" Any sign of Fighter? " Alphia asks.
" Sometimes, " Kakyuu says.
" She avoids talking to us still, " she adds.
" Try to get her talking by just saying hi for now, " says Alphia looking at Kakyuu.
" Don't force it though, " she adds.
" Keep watch on things, " says Alphia facing Maker who enters the room.

Alphia is getting through to Healer more and more. She has got her to open up more. Alphia hopes Fighter opens up to Kakyuu. There is more work to be done.
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Chapter 9​
The next day Alphia finds Healer in the garden. She is just looking at pictures this time. Alphia sits next to her.
" How are you today? " Alphia asks.
" I am good, " says Healer.
" Just looking at old pictures, " she adds.

Alphia glances over to see that they are of Fighter/Seiya. One touch from them tells her everything.
" You are close to Fighter? " Alphia asks.
" We are friends, " Healer says.
" Even if we disagree, " she adds.

" Can I tell you something? " asks Healer softly.
" Yes, " says Alphia smiling.
" I love her, " says Healer sadly.
" More than a friend, " she adds.

" Have you told her? " Alphia asks.
" I am scared to, " says Healer looking at the photos.
" She might hurt me again, " she adds.
" A simple Hello is a beginning, " says Alphia reassuring her.

For the first time in days, Healer hugs someone. Alphia has broken through her barrier. Now the slow healing process begins. Alphia sees Kakyuu and Maker in the hallway.
" Hello, " Alphia says.
" We need to talk but not here, " she adds.
" Come to my room, " says Alphia.

Five minutes pass. They are in Alphia's room.
" Fighter and Healer were close? " asks Alphia wanting to make sure.
" They were friends, " says Maker.
" We all were, " she adds.
" Why? " asks Kakyuu eying Alphia.

Alphia takes Kakyuu and Maker's hands. She looks into their eyes.
" Healer has feelings for Fighter, " she says.
" She has been hiding it, " she adds.
" That is why when Fighter hurt her that day it traumatized her, " she says.

The news shocks Maker. Kakyuu understands now. It is now time to work on Fighter. This next step is delicate. Anything can happen.
" We need to start with Fighter now, " Alphia says.
" We need her communicating with us, " she adds.
" How without getting bruised up? " asked Maker.
" Say hello, " Alphia replies.
" If she is moody leave her alone, " she adds.
" Say nothing else, " she says.

Later that day
" Hello Fighter, " says Kakyuu.
Fighter only bows.
In the dining room that evening
" Hi Fighter, " says Maker.
Fighter says nothing while getting her food.

Healer is in front of Fighter's door. She puts down a photo and leaves. Five minutes pass then Fighter is at her door.
" What is this? " asks Fighter looking at it.
" Where did this come from? " asking herself.
She turns it over and reads the note.
" Hello, " it said.

How did a photo from her past show up? Who had it? One person came to mind. How can it be Healer? Fighter has hurt her. She shakes the thought from her head.
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Chapter 10​
A couple of days later Maker is in the dining hall eating. Fighter enters the room.
" Hello, " says Maker eying her.
Fighter is quiet at first then says, " Hello, "

Maker is surprised by getting an answer. She is relieved as well. Maker starts on her duties happy inside.

Kakyuu is walking down the hallway. She is on her way to the throne room.
" Hello Fighter, " says Kakyuu smiling when she sees Fighter.
" Hello Princess, " says Fighter bowing.
" I best get my duties done, " says Fighter leaving.

Kakyuu gets a couple of sentences out of Fighter. That is a good start. At least Fighter is not moody today.

Healer leaves another photo at Fighter's door. Fighter finds and reads the back. " Hi, " it says with a smiley face. " This must be Healer, " she says to herself.

Healer is in the garden. She is looking over photos she just took. Fighter walks up to her.
" Hello, " says Fighter softly.
" I am sorry, " says Fighter holding the photo in her hand.

Fighter leaves the garden. Healer is confused. Have the photos helped?
" Hello Healer, " says Alphia interrupting her thoughts.
" Hello, " says Healer.
" Are you alright? " Alphia asks.
" I think so, " says Healer.
" Fighter was here, " she adds.

Healer explains what happened.
" I think you are getting through to her, " says Alphia smiling.
" Try to do it in person and pictures, " she adds.
" Don't go too fast, " she says.

Later that day
" Hello Fighter, " says Alphia.
" How are you? " she asks.
" Hello, " says Fighter trying to remember who she is.
" I am okay, " she adds.

That night Healer goes to her room to find a white rose on her door. There is a note attached. " Forgive me, " it says. She falls asleep with the rose in her hand.
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Chapter 11​
The next morning Healer puts the rose in water. She gets dressed for the day. Healer goes to the dining hall to eat breakfast. Maker and Fighter are at the table eating. She sits down and starts eating fruit.
" Morning, " says Healer starting the conversation for the first time.
" Morning Healer, " says Maker shocked at first.
" Morning, " says Fighter looking at Healer bright-eyed.

After breakfast, the three go their separate ways. There are duties to be done. They can rest once they are finished.
" I am going to the club, " says Healer finishing her duties.
" I will read some then meet you, " says Maker.
" I will come along, " says Fighter smiling at Healer.

They go to their rooms to change. Thirty minutes later they are at the club. Healer is in a pink blouse and black skirt with black flats. Fighter is in her usual dressy outfit.
" Thanks for coming with me, " says Healer looking up from her drink.
" Welcome, " says Fighter.
" I am sorry for hurting you, " she adds.
" I forgive you, " says Healer handing Fighter a photo of the rose.

Maker enters the club. She is about to approach Fighter and Healer when Alphia stops her. " Give them five minutes, " she whispers. Maker nods in agreement.
" Hi there, " says Maker walking up five minutes later.
" Hi, " says Fighter and Healer in unison.
" What took so long? " asks Fighter.
" I ran into Alphia on the way here, " says Maker with Alphia coming up behind her.
" Hello everyone, " says Alphia smiling.

That evening they are at the palace. Fighter is with Alphia in the hallway.
" Thank you for helping us, " says Fighter.
" I am glad to help, " says Alphia taking Fighter's hands.
" I felt all of your pain, " she adds.
" You most of all, " Alphia says.
" My pain? " asks Fighter.

" You lost a loved one, did you? " Alphia asks.
" How do you know that? " Fighter asks.
" The first day I met you and took your hand I saw it in my vision, " Alphia explains.
" You are loved, " she adds.
" Another person can give you the type of love you are looking for, " Alphia says.

Fighter is in her room with questions running through her head. She lays on her bed and is asleep. Her door opens quietly. Healer enters with a red rose in hand. She puts it on the dresser with a note. " I love you, " it says. Healer leaves Fighter's room satisfied with herself.
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Chapter 12​
Fighter wakes up the next day to see the rose. She reads the note that is in Healer's handwriting. " You love me? " she asks herself. " Is this what Alphia was talking about? " she asks herself. Fighter puts the rose in water and the note in her top drawer. She gets dressed and goes to the dining hall. Healer and Maker are sitting at the table already eating.

" Hi there, " says Fighter sitting down and grabbing some fruit.
" Hello, " says Healer smiling.
" You sleep okay? " asks Maker.
" Yes, I did, " Fighter replies.

Ten minutes later Fighter gets up to leave. She goes to her room. Fighter gets a piece of paper and starts writing a note. She heads to see Kakyuu.

" Hello Princess, " says Fighter bowing.
" Hello Fighter, " says Kakyuu.
" Can you do something for me? " asks Fighter bowing.
" What is it Fighter? " Kakyuu asks.
" Make sure Sailor Moon gets this, " says Fighter presenting Kakyuu the note.
" I will, " says Kakyuu motioning one of her guards over and handing him the letter. She gives him directions about where to go and what to do.
" Thank you, " says Fighter.

Down on Earth, it is peaceful and quiet. The girls are at the shrine talking. A mysterious man approaches them.

" I came to see Sailor Moon, " he says.
" Who are you? " asks Rei defensively.
" I am one of Kakyuu's guards, " he replies.
" I am here to give Sailor Moon a note, " he adds.
" I am Sailor Moon, " says Usagi walking up. She takes the note and reads it.

Dear Odango,

I am sorry if I hurt you last time I saw you. I avoided you because the Seiya inside me still loved you. I felt that I was not good enough to be loved by anyone. You had Mamoru. I had no one. I pushed away everyone who cared. That included you. I hope I have not lost a friend.

Your friend,

" Care to respond? " he asks.
" Give her this, " says Usagi scribbling a note.
" I will, " says the man as he leaves.

Fighter is on the way to her room. A package is in her hands. " This is for you, " says Kakyuu's guard with a note. Fighter takes it and reads it.

Thank you,
You will always be my friend. There is someone out there to love you. Just look for it then let them in.


Fighter goes into her room. She puts the note in her top drawer and the package on her table. She is ready for Healer's birthday tomorrow.
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Chapter 13​
The next day has Fighter sitting on her bed. The package on the table next to her. She gets up to get dressed. Fighter wears a red blouse and black slacks with sandals. She heads to the dining hall.

" Hello there, " says Fighter walking up to Healer.
" Happy Birthday, " says Fighter hugging her.
" Thanks, " says Healer blushing.
" Have fun today, " says Fighter kissing her on the cheek making her blush.

Healer has her camera taking pictures of everything. She is excited to show them off. Fighter and Maker are setting up the ballroom.

" Can I talk to you about something? " Fighter asks.
" What about? " asks Maker eyeing Fighter.
" I got a note from Healer saying she loves me, " says Fighter looking at a balloon.
" Do you feel the same? " asks Maker seriously.

Fighter looks at Maker and is tongue tied.

", " says Fighter lowering her gaze.
" Yes, " she says.
" Now it is your turn to say it, " says Maker lifting Fighter's face.

Fighter leaves the ballroom waving at Maker. The talk has raised her spirits. She goes to her room to get the package then look for Healer.

" Hello, " says Fighter finding Healer in the garden.
" Having fun? " asks Fighter sitting down.
" I took lots of pictures, " says Healer opening up her book. One picture was of Seiya/Fighter strumming her guitar.

" Open it, " says Fighter presenting Healer her present.
" Oh my, " says Healer finding a pink chain necklace with a star pendant attached. With it is a promise ring.
" Here let me help you, " says Fighter clasping the necklace around Healer's neck.
" I love you too, " Whispers Fighter sliding the ring on her finger.

They pick up their stuff and head to the palace. Alphia greets them at the doors. Fifteen minutes pass. The Earth Senshi is there. Party sounds are starting. They are talking when the doors open.

" Huh? " looking at Fighter and Healer entering hand in hand.
" Happy Birthday, " says Minako a little shocked. She notices the necklace and ring.
" Those are pretty, " she says.
" Thanks, Fighter gave them to me, " says Healer smiling.
" She cares for you, " Minako says.

" Thank you for opening my eyes, " says Fighter smiling at Alphia.
" I love her also, " she adds.
" I am happy for you both, " Alphia says.

The party resumes with Healer opening her presents. She feels like she is in heaven. Her friends are here and the person she loves by her side.

Six Months Later

" Are you ready for this? " asks Kakyuu looking at Fighter and Healer.
" It is a big step in your lives, " she adds.
" We are, " answers Fighter and Healer in unison.

Kakyuu picks up a golden string. Fighter with a wedding ring in hand.

" You loved me even when I did not deserve it, " says Fighter taking Healer's hand into hers.
" I love you and always will, " she adds.
" I loved you for three years, " says Healer gazing into Fighter's eyes.
" I still love you, " she adds.

Fighter slides the wedding ring on Healer's finger. Kakyuu wraps their wrists with the sacred string.

" Starlight to Starlight "
" A star to a star "
" Souls United "
" I bond you together forever "

Healer comes out of the bathroom in a pink nightgown. Fighter is on the bed as Seiya.
" Want me to change back? " Fighter asks.
" No, " says Healer putting two fingers on his lips.
" You can be my Seiya, " she adds.
" I love you, " says Fighter kissing her passionately. They fall asleep in each other's arms.

The End
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