What changes would you make to the Eternal fuku?

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Seira Hazuki

Aurorae Lunares
Jan 17, 2007
I agree that the problem with Eternal Sailor Moon is that it has no continuity with her base form and Super Sailor Moon.

If I were to make changes, I would do the following:
-Get rid of the pink puffballs and instead replace them with Neo Queen/Princess Serenity's shoulder pads.
-I'd keep Super Sailor Moon's back bow but enlarge it to resemble the large bow on Neo Queen Serenity's dress in the manga.
-Have the skirt be all white and seamless with the rest of her uniform, similar to Sailor Cosmos.
-Add Neo Queen Serenity's crown.
-Crescent Moon instead of a tiara.

The idea is to have more resemble Neo Queen Serenity, which makes more sense considering both the manga and anime draw parallels between ESM and NSQ.
Mar 8, 2012
I agree that the problem with Eternal Sailor Moon is that it has no continuity with her base form and Super Sailor Moon.
This isn't entirely true, at least retroactively speaking. For example: while ESM's collar is otherwise always shown as being dark navy blue, there is this one illustration by Naoko where it's a rainbow gradient, not unlike Super Sailor Moon's (at least her skirt; SSM's collar's coloring is a bit inconsistent itself). Similarly, while at the time SSM's skirt was always a single skirt that was either gradated or striped, in one of Naoko's more recent illustrations of her, she's wearing a two-tiered skirt; ESM's three-tiered skirt would thus be a natural extension of that.

So if Crystal would have given SSM a two-tiered skirt, and if they'd give ESM a rainbow-gradient collar, there'd be more obvious continuity between the two forms, but since SSM still has a single skirt, that ship hath sailed.
Feb 4, 2020
Crystal Tokyo
I would leave almost everything as it is, except for the colors of Sailor Moon’s skirt in the anime version (how did the manga desing end up looking like the German flag…?) and the gloves: they are too long and the pink(/other color for other senshi) part is too close to a similar one of the sleeve.

And maybe… I’d add white feathers on Sailor Moon’s to match the wings, but not on any other Senshi’s uniform
Nov 22, 2016
The only change I would make to the manga version is changing the yellow portion of her skirt into a color that actually suits the overall color palette of the suit.
Her fuku looks a bit messy in the manga thanks to the coloring in her skirt, but the anime turned It into a much worse trainwreck by making the pink portion of the skirt red and darkening the navy blue so much it always looks black.
But by the Stars Arc, Naoko's outfit designs were getting worse. The Sailor Starlights, Sailor Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow always looked like they were coming straight from a soft **** movie to me. No wonder they replaced them with new characters with more modest clothing in the old myu.