Which Dub did you like better?

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Which Dub did you prefer?

  • DiC

    Votes: 9 75.0%
  • Cloverway

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Both

    Votes: 3 25.0%

  • Total voters
denelson83 said:
Malachite82 said:
DIC - Terri Hawkes was great as the VA for Sailormoon.
Oh, I second that, big time. In fact, #1 is the only role I will ever remember Terri Hawkes for. And of course, she's
Here, here! I :heart:-ed Ms. Hawkes' Sailormoon! My small circle of friends (past and current SM loyalists) love to engage in a 'Serena Wail' every now and then.

Okay, what follows are very my Pros and Cons for both dubs haphazardly strewn together:

*Though I voted for Cloverway's version (because their decision to keep the music was commendable enough), I think DiC had some good things going for it, Serena's and Mina's voices were always my favorites. I will however, NOT forgive Cloverway for assigning Raye's second voice actress to Mina. It is simply insufferable.

*I don't know who said it, but I really liked DiC's version Serena's transformation music, how they said it sounded all fanfare-like and superhero-y.

*I won't forgive the cousins thing.

*Serena's mom as Michelle?? ICK!

*I :heart: Rini's second voice.

*Kudos for keeping Lita and (For the most part) Raye's voices the same.

That's all I can think of right now.
Malachite82 said:
Luna P said:
The power of love is the best dub song ever, btw.
I really love Rainy Day Man and the remix.

Hai hai. And I almost screamed when I heard how "Only a memory away" was re-done for Ami's 'going away' episode. Not that it was fantastic to begin with...

I dunno. I enjoyed 'New day' when I first got my newbie Lunarock CD.


Luna Crescens
Nov 22, 2003
I have to agree with whomever else in picking DIC's dub as the best. I actually didn't watch the Cloverway dub on television; I watched it for the first time when I rented the S and SuperS DVDs. That was mostly because it was during a time when I had a lapse in caring about SM and had moved on to other things. The Pioneer DVD release perked my attention. I turned on the dub several times out of curiosity and hurled.

As a side note: There have been a couple times I have gone to the video store and rented the DIC dub DVDs to get an old-time fix. I love almost all the original VAs, except Mercury's. Terri Hawkes did an amazing rendition that kept the erratic comedy I loved about Mitsuishi-san's Usagi. I also love the DIC transformation music. It sounded very odd to me to hear the original transformation music under the dub in the Cloverway version. It just didn't sound "right." The DIC music was perfectly appropriate. I did kind of wish that they changed up the music in R for the power-ups, but I didn't mind too much. The DIC rendition of the Ail and An arc of SMR was probably my favorite part of the dub.

By the time Cloverway came out, I had seen all the anime anyway. I don't like watching dubs. DIC was an adaptation; it was more like a different show. Normally, I prefer viewing things in the original language because I have a conscious recognition that "These dudes aren't the original voices" and that detracts from my enjoyment - even if the acting is good.
personally I hate the dubs. Dic had better voice talent. I couldn't stand Usagi and "Trista's" voice in the Cloverway dub. **shudders** But Cloverway did less cutting then Dic. There were still cuts but at least they kept the original background music and didn't throw in the horrible dub music.

just thinking back to the voice actors for sailor moon, and everytime i listen to Terri Hawkes a giggle. I mean, everytime i watch sailor moon and Usagi starts to cry i see Shreeky from Care Bears and I just can't help myself, and Makoto starts speaking and all of a sudden because Susan Roman did Care Bears to Makoto is now Champ Bear. And if anybody's every seen Smoggies, Replace the image of Minako with Princess Lela, Kirsten Morgenstern did an awesome job, but, we just use way to many of the same Voice actors for saturday morning cartoons... Or i've just been around that long to listen to them all. I'm not saying it doesn't happen with other shows too, but it's just funny knowing that shows i use to watch when i was 5-10, have the same actresses as when i'm 16-22.


Lumen Cinererum
Feb 10, 2019
I like both the DIC and Cloverway dubs, but for different reasons. I like the DIC dub because it has very good voice acting and music, plus it's very nostalgic too. As for the Cloverway dub, I like it because it tries to stay faithful to the original Japanese version. The only thing I didn't like about the Cloverway dub is that it made Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune cousins which doesn't make any sense and it's so obvious that they're not cousins.
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