Whom Should Usagi Be With?

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Whom Should Usagi Be With?

  • Mamoru Chiba / Tuxedo Mask / Endymion

    Votes: 23 59.0%
  • Motoki Furuhata

    Votes: 5 12.8%
  • Gurio Umino

    Votes: 2 5.1%
  • Jadeite

    Votes: 1 2.6%
  • Queen Beryl

    Votes: 1 2.6%
  • Ail / Alan

    Votes: 2 5.1%
  • Prince Demand

    Votes: 4 10.3%
  • Haruka Tenoh / Sailor Uranus

    Votes: 2 5.1%
  • Kou Seiya / Sailor Star Fighter

    Votes: 8 20.5%
  • Other (Please specify)

    Votes: 9 23.1%

  • Total voters


Aurorae Lunares
Jul 6, 2018
Usagi and Mamoru are something, especially in the manga. They are star-crossed lovers, overcome the biggest enemy in a relationship - jealousy and insecurities to a point of mutual unconditional trust and understanding. The old show had nothing like this, the were barely a couple after R.

The only other one I see working is Seiya. But due to the old show I really deslike him/her. He/She is pushy, possessive. Especially the rooftop scene was so low. Using somebody's moment of weakness to make it all about yourself and forcing your feelings on them.
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Jan 17, 2007
Mamoru, but I think Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion will end up becoming polyamorous or in an open relationship in the future. I think as people having multiple partners becomes way more mainstream in real life, the idea of two people being monogamous for thousands of years will eventually become dated...

And then there's this:

(although I'm gonna head canon Hotaru, Chibiusa, and Chibi Chibi OUT of this arrangement for obvious reasons...)