You are my world (I might change it)

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Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten are missing their beloved Senshi. They return to Earth to be with them. A stronger enemy attacks. Can they survive this new enemy?
S/U T/A Y/M Story. Romance. Drama. Rating will increase as the story progresses.

Chapter 1​
The story takes place one year after the defeat of Galaxia. The Starlights and Princess Kakyuu have rebuilt Kinmoku. It is more beautiful than it was before. The garden has lots of flowers. There is a wedding arch this time.

The palace has a music room. It has a stage in the back of the room. A figure enters and sits down. It is Fighter as she transforms into Seiya. He sadly starts playing his guitar. " I miss you Odango, " says Seiya as a tear runs down his cheek.

The palace has a library on each floor. It has computers also. Maker transforms into Taiki then sits down at a table to read. In his hand is a medical book. He remembers his time on Earth with Ami and her friend Misa. " I miss you, Ami, " says Taiki closing the book and walking to his room.

Healer is going around Kinmoku taking pictures. You hear the click then see the flash of her camera. There are several rolls of film in her bag. Healer finds a yellow hairbow on the ground. She picks it up and looks at it. Then she adds it to her bag. Healer is back home in her room now. She changes into Yaten. Yaten is on his bed with his stuff he photographed. He holds up the hairbow and looks at it again. " Why did I have to fall for you? " says Yaten putting the bow onto his table closing his eyes going to sleep.

The next morning Usagi is sitting on a park bench with Mamoru. There is tension between them. Usagi is the first to speak up.
" Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten are my friends too, " says Usagi acting irritated.
" What do you have against them coming? " she adds.
" I don't trust them Usako, " says Mamoru looking into her eyes.
" All of them or is it one of them? " she asks sharply. Mamoru does not answer her question and looks away.
" I know your answer then so it is off! " " I am tired of being pushed into this destiny crap, " says Usagi tossing Mamoru the ring back and leaving the park.

Usagi is furious when she gets home. She goes through her closet and grabs everything she has of Mamoru's. She then takes the photos and sets them on the pile. She finally put the locket on the very top. Usagi puts them into a large box and heads over to Rei's shrine.
" Sorry for coming unannounced, " " I needed to talk to someone, " says Usagi. She sees Ami and Minako sitting.
" What is wrong ? " asks her friends.
Usagi explains what happened between her and Mamoru.
" He would not even give you an answer? " asks Rei turning beat red.
" I am tired of living life of destiny and not my choices, " says Usagi standing up in front of her friends. Her friends smile and hug her.