Your first reaction to the Outers.

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May 7, 2009
Maraviollantes said:
luna-p said:
When I saw the chapter 92 I was 9 years old and I didn't realize that haruka and michiru are lovers :D
I saw the sacrifice of Michiru in chapter 110, the comments between they , I mean "-Are you jealous.. -Maybe"
And the super know "hands" scene, I heard Michiru said "I love you hands" but even that I didn't realize :lol:
I agree that what we were shown in the series doesn't make it very obvious, especially if you watch it for the first time and don't have any knowledge about the series. After I watched most of S season, I still didn't figure out they were lesbians until I have read about it on the Internet.
I think as far as how their interactions were presented in the anime is concerned, one can't say w/ definite certainty that their relationship is a homosexual one, especially one involving actual sexual attractions & even physical relations (which wouldn't be shown in the show anyway lol). All you can say is that it could be & it does look like one. :)
Mar 14, 2009
Crystal Tokyo
I don't remember much of the outer senshi, or at least of what I thought of them when I was little. Now, of course, watching all 200 episodes, I do know who they are and quite well. :mrgreen:

I only saw the episode where Sailor Moon got the Holy Grail (That was the only part I remembered of that episode) and I did remember seeing Sailor Pluto, she was my favourite Scout. I also remember hearing about Sailor Saturn. I don't know if I saw her or not, but I did remember her name being mentioned and I wanted to totally learn more about her.

I also started drawing the Pluto planet symbol ( P )with a marker all over my hand :p

My first reaction to the outers when I started watching the Japanese was "Wow, these chicks are BADASS."

I liked how Haruka-san was all adventurous, and Michiru-san just wanted to be with Haruka. I was envious of their love, they were such a perfect couple.
I went from absolutly despising them to loving them P-: I saw them on the internet at first, and felt threatened by these strange characters. I can barely remember the feeling of dislike (wow, my perceptions of SM have changed so much..), but I do recall being outraged by their attitude when I first saw them. I was already distrustful and when Haruka or "Amara" (pukes, cant stand the dub name) opened her mouth, I was like- :eek: 'She said what?'. Ruka-chan was really revolutionary.. Not a character for innocent little girls ;P I was unhappy by the change. I was like' who do they think they are, talking/acting like that? They don't fit in to this series at all!' (This was a very long time ago xD) I also remember thinking, "Sailor Moon has changed" in the next series, since for awhile I knew nothing but the dub of classic and R. Gradually I began to think they were 'interesting' and warmed up to them. Now, I totally adore them, maybe even a tiny bit more than the inners. They are so cool, and SM wouldnt be SM without them! Or at least, it would be on a much lower level.
Oh, and when I first saw them I kept getting the names Uranus and Neptune confused. (The horror, the ignorance :blush: )
My first exposure to the outers was when one of my friends was drawing fanart in class, and he said, "Look, it's Sailor Saturn," and I said, "There's no Sailor Saturn, they don't go past Jupiter," and he goes, "Not in AMERICA, but in JAPAN..."

I don't even remember when this was. Assumably, the later seasons must have come out in English after that point... either that or I just had never seen the later ones on TV.


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Oct 20, 2009
I liked them however their closeness made me bit uneasy... something about their relationship seemed... off? (give me a break I was 11!)
this was of course because my first experience was the dub where they were edited into cousins and the whole incest vibe kinda creeped me out!
Akane-chan said:
I saw them online before I knew they existed. So my first reaction was somewhere among the lines of "Ohhh, those are some pretty Sailor Moon OCs~"
Yeah.. I think I might have suspected that too.. ^_^'


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Mar 24, 2010
since I discovered Sailormoon in 94, I found out about the Outers at the same time as the Inners. my reaction, comparing Inners and Outers, was "these are cooler!" and "I like this one's hair!" (<- Sailor Neptune's ^_^ )


I was happy from begging to end because I kind of got bored with the same senshi saving the day until I heard the words world shaking
Jun 14, 2007
Somewhere, beyond the sea.
I first discovered them in the SuperS Fuwa Fuwa Panic game along with Chibi-Moon (I was so happy to see her as a Senshi! ^_^ I thought she was Sailor Sun though >_<) and I had no idea who they were. I thought they were evil at first actually...

My brother then told me that they might be Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and or Saturn (as Saturn wasn't in that game... I think) and I obviously labeled them all wrong (Pluto = Uranus etc). Then I saw them all in the SuperS fighting game along with Saturn and was even more confused as to who was who.

Then I got internet and remember going to a SM site that had everyone along with their profiles and such. I thought the Senshi in Stars were a real combo-breaker though as they weren't named after planets(Back then my definition of the Universe was our Solar System).

But anyways! I hated them at first and then I got neutral with them and now I like them!
Dec 7, 2009
"They made a Sailor Pluto!? lulz, that's so dumb. They just *had* to make other planets."

XD Hahaha ... ha. *hugs the outers*

At least I never hated them? I initially thought the *idea* was stupid but as soon as I saw them (the first I saw was a picture of Neptune. So pretty~~~~) I really liked them a lot.


Lumen Cinereum
Jul 22, 2009
The first time I was aware of the Outer Senshi was when I bought a game magazine when I was young. It had a picture from Sailor Stars and it showcased Uranus and Neptune. Also on another side was a pic of Chibi Chibi. So in essence I saw quite a bit of the characters before they ever were put in I just did not know who they were. I however was not able to get a hold of the series after the First Season for a long while. So the first time I saw the Outers was on the opening to the Sailor Moon R Movie, and I recognized Uranus and Neptune but was also surprised by Pluto. It was finally during the S Movie that I was able to see which senshi was which and later I was able to watch S and I found out the Outers identitys. How I found out about Hotaru was from a pic of her from a magazine which had me instantly wondering. Of course when I saw her in S I was blown away by her storyline and senshi status.

On Haruka and Michiru's relationship, at first I was weirded out because even though they said they were cousins they way they acted spoke as if they were romantically involved to which when I found out the truth that in the original they were lovers and not cousins it all made sense to me.


Lapis Lunaris
Jan 29, 2010
I was introduced to Uranus and Neptune via Cartoon Network. :o

I'm not sure what episode but there was a shadow of those two on a tree or something and I was SUPER EXCITED. Then Haruka was a big badarse and had to be a race car driver and have a sports bike or something. But I thought they were rude. P-:

Neo King Rose

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Sep 13, 2008
in my aesthetic
Meow said:
I was introduced to Uranus and Neptune via Cartoon Network. :o

I'm not sure what episode but there was a shadow of those two on a tree or something and I was SUPER EXCITED. Then Haruka was a big badarse and had to be a race car driver and have a sports bike or something. But I thought they were rude. P-:
I think your first ep with the outers was the first S episode as was mine, I also saw/recorded it on CN ^^


Lapis Lunaris
Nov 20, 2012
I found out about it when i saw the last ep of R when it was dubbed in 1998 i had also bought the ugly face dolls irwin had of them hence how i figured out that they were uranus and neptune. saturn i didn't know about until S was dubbed