Your first reaction to the Outers.

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Lapis Lunaris
May 19, 2014
I think I told this story in another thread but here goes anyway...

I was only really familiar with the DIC dub that ran on Toonami. Part of me always thought it was a little strange that only Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus had scouts/senshi and every episode I found myself hoping we'd finally get to meet another one but it just never happened. Then Toonami released the 17 "lost" episodes of R, where Sailor Pluto made her first appearance. I even remember recording the episodes on VHS tapes because the previews alluded to a new one and I was SO excited. Then she finally showed up and this tall, tan, green-haired woman was glorious and gave me hope that others existed. Though at this point I wasn't even aware that the show had seasons beyond R.

We didn't have internet at home yet but one day I went to my step-dad's work and while he was off doing work stuff he left me alone in his office with his computer and internet. I searched for "Sailor Saturn" not really expecting anything to show up but then next thing I knew I was looking at the others. My mind was blown. They were so mysterious to me and I needed to know more. Though this was back before the days of Wikipedia or even image searches so all I had to go by were those fansites made with Geocities and Angelfire.

I never actually did getting around to watching the S and SS dubs. By the time they came around I already had those seasons on tapes from Japan with English subtitles.


Lapis Lunaris
Jul 1, 2014
When I first saw them years ago, I thought they were kind of cool. I don't really remember my reaction to them but I remember being a little freaked out by Hotaru.

As I've been getting back into it, Neptune and Uranus are among my favorite soldiers but I was a little taken aback by their coldness, and watching S and seeing that they're actually even more cold made me scratch my head a little, especially
Spoiler: show
when they decide to fight Usagi in that one episode, what the hell? Even if it wasn't actually ill-intentioned, it was off to me.

Mamo Two-Face

Lapis Lunaris
Feb 12, 2012
I was happy to see them because we got something new, their presence added a sense of threat to "S" that wasn't really present in the earlier seasons, and they turned out to be awesome characters.
Mar 31, 2008
in front of my computer
Mine was back in...97ish I believe? Anyways, it was around that time period. I had bought the entire Stars season for $115 bucks. It was on 20 or so bootlegged VHS tapes, from a local Comic Con. I was 13 at the time, or around that age. The first time I saw any of them would technically be at the start of 167, when Setsuna came for Hotaru, but the part I vividly remember was when I first saw Haruka and Michiru at the aquarium in the second part of the episode. I immediately fell in love with Haruka's voice. P-: Then, I went wild over Haruka and Michiru's little scene with the napkin and the shard of glass. This was the very first episode I had seen in Japanese as well, so I was also going crazy over the amazing background music. (I remember the first thing I said in response to hearing Usagi in Japanese, at the comic con, was "her voice is SO HIGH!!".. lol. I love her voice now though.) The absolute favorite part that I probably watched over 60 times started with the closeup of Pluto's face, where she opens her eyes and you hear "Dead Scream", and then see the giant ball of energy. I know those words so well now.. "Dead Scream... Kimi Wa.. Masaka!" It was the first time I had seen any of the outer attacks, so of course, I was blown away and was like OMGOMGOMG. Then when I saw Haruka and Michiru actually transform for the first time, and heard their catchphrase/typical BGM... and well, I was going crazy. I absolutely LOVE the outer senshi BGM theme, it's one of my favorite pieces of BGM from Sailormoon, and I pretty much love ALL the BGM in Sailormoon. But that BGM, paired with these new characters that were so mature and made bedroom jokes and all that (I had only seen the DIC dub at this point).. well, they left a HUGE impact on me. lol. That scene where the fence gets blown off the roof top, and the Mirror Dolly goes flying into the ground out of sight, I was just gob smacked by that too for some reason. Just that entire scene of them on the rooftop, I must have rewatched that part of the episode over 50 times. I'm surprised I didn't end up garbling the VHS tape from rewinding it so much. :lol:

Funny, cause at the time I had of course, not watched S or Supers, so I had no clue WTF was going on for a bit, but I enjoyed every damn minute of it anyway.


Lapis Lunaris
Apr 30, 2014
Thinking spot
My first glimpse of them actually came in the form of a sticker, I used to collect them and wondered who they were in the Sailor Moon universe. I later of course found out and was very excited to see them in the dub when it came out and eventually the sub.

Kerochan no Miko

Knight Radiant
Staff member
Site Admin
Feb 29, 2004
onesurvive said:
[edited by knm to remove image]

Pretty much sums up my first reaction haha.
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May 26, 2012
Since I had known about them way before I got my hands on Super I loved them from the start, maybe because I had been really looking foward to see them for a few years. Same thing with the Starlights, by the way...


Lapis Lunaris
Apr 15, 2013
I had just read the first 2 volumes of the original english
release. I had only met the inner, since season 2 dub wasn't
on TV yet. I was curious, so I looked online to see if they existed.
I thought Pluto and Saturn were pretty. Neptune and Uranus looked
bad ass. I can't wait to meet them. The Outers were a huge point in
me continuing the series. Which is why they have a big place in my
heart even to this day. Also Neptune and Uranus were my first lesbian
couple I seen in fiction.


Lumen Cinereum
Jul 29, 2012
Pluto: I bought a "Sailor Moon" standard 52-card deck with images of the "R" season. I was puzzled at first and thought Sailor Pluto was Sailor Mars revamped.

Neptune and Uranus: I was at this Asian market, and saw bootleg dolls of Uranus and Neptune and their boxes had the "S" logo. The boxes also featured Sailor Moon with her S outfit, which I had never seen.

Star lights: I had someone import a puzzle toy from Japan on my behalf, and the puzzle featured the Star Lights and Sailor Moon with her Eternal outfit. I hadn't seen the Eternal outfit with wings before, so that was kind of a shock.


Lapis Lunaris
Jul 21, 2014
I loved Pluto the first time I saw her.

The Neptune and Uranus appeared, and I fell for Michiru.

And I thought the Starlights were awesome, though even then, I found it a little weird that they changed from guys to girls and so on.


Staff member
Site Admin
May 7, 2009
Largo93 said:
And I thought the Starlights were awesome, though even then, I found it a little weird that they changed from guys to girls and so on.
I think it's very weird, actually. XD


Luna Crescens
Sep 13, 2009
Tampa, FL
onesurvive said:
Kerochan no Miko said:
Please don't post NSFW (or borderline NSFW) images in the main sections of the forum.
I don't even remember what I posted but ooook. :|
It was a censored animated GIF of a guy exposing his family jewels to a shocked person.


Luna Crescens
Mar 3, 2017
I think the pioneer movie releases predated the CWI dub so I think I was first exposed to most of the outers with the films first so not having any context was probably a bit confusing but I don't remember it being something that disturbed me or made me think much. Sailor Moon I think was a thing that always felt a little incomplete and puzzling to me. I mean for one I knew there were things going on in editing because I would see things in the sailor moon says that were not in the episodes such as the ghost versions of the scouts in Day of Destiny and I would think to myself that we were missing things I just didn't know the answers of how or why. When the CWI version of the show finally started airing on tv I for sure never bought the cousins thing even though I was barely 9 I was getting the feeling that Uranus and Neptune were secretly gay I just couldn't express it or prove. Lol it would be a long time before I discovered the internet to find my proof.
May 4, 2017
I was introduced to the Outers with the S dub movie Hearts in Ice, and I just remember thinking they were the coolest "scouts" ever, especially Pluto. I would rewind my tape and watch their transformations and attacks over and over again.

As a kid, I never finished the S season, so I had no idea that Saturn existed for the longest time. I think I was about 11 when I first saw her manga pages and fanart online. I thought she was so mysterious and she quickly replaced Pluto as my favorite Outer. ❤️