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Dosei no Senshi

Aurorae Lunares
Sep 26, 2003
Palm Coast, FL, USA
Be brave and take a few photos of your Sailor Moon collection. Let's see how much crap you got! Here's an example using me!

That's everything not on my computer. List?
English Sailor Moon Manga 1 - 18.
Sailor Moon World wallscroll featuring Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
A rose someone cosplaying as Tuxedo Mask gave me at an anime convension two weeks ago.
Japanese original manga 1 - 18.
Sailor Moon S Pioneer DVDs Heart Collection I and VI.
Chinese Prism Heart Compact (I don't think it's bootleg because the Bandai emblem is on it).
English Brooch that was really the Crystal Star in disguise.
"Ami-chan no Hatsukoi" on VHS.
New Sailor Moon Manga 1 - 7.
Sailor Moon R Hero Club volume 5. :wtf: are these anyway?
That $50 set of Sailor Stars on DVD.
Supers specials on VHS.
Sailor Stars on VHS.
Second manga art book in Chinese.
A holofoil Sailor Moon poster.
That new boxset of the movies in Japanese. It really kicks ass...
Cutie Moon Rod, Japanese version.
Crescent Wand from America.
Spiral Heart Moon Rod from America.
Chinese bootleg Pink Moon Stick.
All of Pioneer's Supers DVDs except Pegasus collection IV.
Crystal Star.
Eternal Moon Article.
All three English movies on VHS.
All three Japanese movies on VHS with English subtitles.
Kirari*Sailor Dream! Single.
Luna Rock.
DJ Moon 1.

If anyone wants to add to my collection, I'll love you.

On my computer:
PGSM episodes 1 - 24 RAW.
PGSM episodes 0 - 23 Subtitled by TV-Nihon.
A [BLEEP]-load of background music and stuff from
Images I like. :P

I love this scene. I watched the entire episode about five times that day.

Wall magic! This is the wall above my bed on the left.

This is the wall above my bed on the right. Notice somethng?

This is the wall at the foot of my bed.

My walls get this punishment when I quit my jobs. I'll continue with them when I get another job to quit.

Please, everyone, post the pics of you collection! If your collection is mostly on your computer, tell!!
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Lumen Cinererum
Sep 29, 2003
Gee whiz... I wish I had an SM collection like that. Too bad I can't get out much.

IMO, I think I have an okay SM collection of my own. A poster hanging on the wall, a video archive of "C" version episodes (just got the DVD's to complete my collection of SM and SMR), an archive on my computer of over 2,000 SM images (hopefully, I can build that figure up to at least 100,000), and the PGSM videos. However, I don't believe that my SM collection is vast enough to warrant me taking any pictures of it.

Dosei no Senshi

Aurorae Lunares
Sep 26, 2003
Palm Coast, FL, USA
Heh! I see two people besides myself voted "Get a life!" It's okay! I have one, thanks!

Actually, denelson, I live in Florida, so I think it'd be a summer's trip for you in Canada.

There are others with larger collections and I wish to expand mine. Looking for the transformation items and weapons of the Sailor Moon characters, artbooks, and the rest of the DVDs. Anyone wanna give them to me or sell them to me for a very low price! :lol: Seriously...

Kyaa, but of course I only put them there for the pictures... *pats your head* Silly kitty!

Sub Zippo

Aurorae Lunares
Dec 4, 2003
Detroit, MI.
Man, I wish I had the money to waste and the time to invest into all that manga.... I barely managed to collect about 174 episodes before the first wo seasons were released on dvd (bringing the grand total to 199, stupid ADV....)

Got a bunch of posters and scrolls. Got all the Moon weapons (paid a fortune for some of them, of course now I can find them for cheep.) Got the SuperS locket. Its real nice and responds to the kailedo-moon-schope.

And of course, my only real true friend who is always there for me, my plush Luna.

Lots more crap where that came from, but it'd take forever to type up, adn a lot longer to put it all in one room.
Sep 10, 2003
Phoenix AZ
Well, I have a small collection of Sailor Moon stuff. The only think I am uber proud of is my Sailor Saturn Doll *hugs the box* If only I could have another, take it out, and play...I mean...well yes, play with my Saturn doll. Use the glave to chop up the evil Barbies.

Then I have a Pluto and Jupiter key chains, Eternal SM alarm clock, Jupiter figurine, and a 6 inch sailor moon doll.

I took down almost all my Sailor moon fan art (that was ALL over one of my walls in my room) because it was when i first started drawing, and they weren't that good. Now I have Chobits wall scrolls, trigun calandar, and evangelion mini posters.
<hysteria>Oh my god! I worship you! The only sailor moon stuff I own is a bunch of mixxed manga, a pirated dub movie, a handful of subbed episoded on my computer, and well thats about it. ^_^ </hysteria> I wish i had a job.... :cry: :cry:

EDIT: Oh yeah i also have some BURNT CDs - S Music Collection, S Music Fantasy, Best Song Collection, Super S Theme Song Collection and Uranus Neptune Chibimoon Plus. But they're burnt...


Aurorae Lunares
Nov 15, 2003
I don't have much, I've got almost 200 SM pictures on my wall (most of them are black and white and they were all printed off the computer -_-; ), a Three Lights poster, lost of Irwin dolls (don't hurt me), 4 volumes of Mixx Manga, Sailor Stars on bootleg DVD, a bootleg SM stationary set, a bootleg SM colouring book, a SMR Usagi UFO plush (official for once), an Irwin Artemis plush, an Irwin Sailor Mercury plush, the DJ Moon CD (just arrived today!), one of the SMR cds, the Full Moon Collection, a Sailormoon World poster, A 30cm Sailor Mercury Doll, a 30cm Tuxedo Mask doll, a Sailor Mini Moon doll, and I think that might be all, but I can't be bothered looking.

Sorry for the massive paragraph, I didn't realise I had that much stuff O.o

If anyone wants me to take a picture I will.
Oct 11, 2003
D-town, MI
Most of my Sailor Moon stuff is in storage now. I'm ashamed of my poor treatment of it. For a few glorious months, my room was decorated with all my Sailor Moon stuff. Those were the days. I'm going to cry...
Uh... let's see what do we have here... the German manga (Sailor V + Sailor Moon).
A cheap poster.
And - another poster (big one) given to me by my fianc&eacute; (sp?) *_*.
And an SD-Endymion (who's.. all dusty O_O) given to me by my former boyfriend ^^;
And I once had like 3000 pics on my computer. But then I went downloading crazy and had to delete them. Stupid me -.-

Wow, now that I think about it, I have more stuff than I knew P-:

Still, I fell unworthy. *kneels down*
Jan 12, 2004
At a computer.
My goodness, that's a lot of stuff. Well, here's my contribution to the insanity. (Notice the large list of Myu memorobilia.) Had I a camera, I would share pictures.

9 SM posters, of various characters
SeraMyu poster: Ankoku no Black Lady
Seramyu DVD: Ai no Sanctuary
Seramyu DVD: Mugen ~ Mistress Labyrinth
Seramyu DVD: Ryuusei Densetsu
Seramyu VHS: SuperS Kaiteban (Saturn no Henshin)
Seramyu VHS: Stars Kaiteban
Seramyu VHS: Eien Densetsu
Seramyu VHS: Shin Densetsu Kourin
Seramyu VHS: Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteban
Seramyu VHS: Last Dracul Overture
Seramyu VHS: Transylvania no Mori
Seramyu VHS: Death Vulcan
Seramyu VHS: Ankoku no Black Lady
Seramyu: 10th Anniversary program
CD: Memorial Album of the Musical 5 (Eien)
CD: Memorial Album of the Musical 7 (Kaguya)
CD: Memorial Album of the Musical 8 (LDJ)
CD: Memorial Album of the Musical 9 (TnM)
CD: Memorial Album of the Musical 10 (BL)
CD: Memorial Album of the Musical 11 (Mugen)
Sailor Moon Artbook 1 (softbound)
Sailor Moon Artbook 2 (softbound)
Sailor Moon Artbook 3 (hardbound; German version)
Sailor Moon Artbook 4 (hardbound)
Sailor Moon Materials Collection
Sailor Moon manga: Volume 17
Sailor Stars Volume 1 VCD (in Cantonese)
Sailor Moon VHS: R Movie (sub)
Sailor Moon VHS: S movie (sub)
Sailor Moon VHS: SuperS movie (sub)
Sailor Stars VHS subs, courtesy VKLL
Sailor Star Maker Dream Pocket doll
Sailor Pluto Dream Pocket doll
NA Moon Locket toy (SMR era)
NA Tuxedo Kamen doll
NA Luna keychain
NA Artemis keychain
Capsule figures: parts 2, 3, and 4
Outer Senshi SD magnets
Sailor Star Maker SD keychain
Sailor Moon corner hugger (on my monitor)
Doujinshi: Showtime (two volumes)
Seramyu cosplay: Neptune costume (on its way!), I'd forgotten about half that stuff. Funny, my Myu obssession seems a lot more embarassing when my entire collection is out in the open like that.
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Lumen Cinererum
Oct 7, 2003
Nexus, center of all realms
I have:

First Season on DVD (ADV)
First Season on VHS
Second Season on DVD (ADV) -when teh mail gets here, maybe it'll be here today.
Third season (DVD) - Volumes 1-3
Fourth Season - none, but working on that
Fifth season (DVD) - from animecollectors.
Sailor Moon SuperS Specials (DVD)
Sailor Moon R,S,&SuperS movies (DVD)

--I don't have a job, so I have to beg to get anything--

Of the manga, I have up until 11 of the English manga and none of the Japanese :cry: I wish I did though.

And three huge paintings of Sailor Moon on my walls. I actually have a picture to put here of them too! This was taken about two years ago, but I did have that Sailor Moon Calendar too.

EDIT: I also have all ten discs of the Sailor Moon Memorial Music Box (from and the first four discs of the Sailor Moon Memorial Song Box (from

And everything else is on my computer. I have about 7000 images (fanart, manga, anime, name it, I have it). I have 25 gigabytes worth of source clips of Sailor Moon on my HD. I have PGSM Acts 1-23 TVNihon (as well as Make-up documentary) and Act 1 RAW.

And I think that's it.

And DoseiNoSenshi? I live in Florida too and I want to say "hello!" I WISH I had that SM Japanese manga that you do.


Aurorae Lunares
Oct 9, 2003
United States
Dosei, your holofoil poster is amazing! Where did you get it? :ohmy: And you even have the Japanese Sailormoon movies boxset?! I want to buy it but I think they are out of print. :cry: Here's my really tiny list :o :

Sailormoon World Wallscroll (of Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon and Luna)
Sailormoon R Bed Spread and Pillow Case ( :o )
Sailormoon Anime Film Comic Vol.8 Hong Kong Version
Sailormoon Anime Film Comic Vol.9 Chinese Version
Sailormoon manga Vol.3 and Vol.5
Sailor Moon Mixx manga Vol.6
Sailormoon Hong Kong manga Vol.8, 12, 17
Sailormoon SuperS "CanCan Club" Bank
Sailor Moon spiral mini notebook
Sailormoon SuperS notepad
Sailormoon S mini coloring pad
1 bootleg Sailormoon stickers
2 sheets of shiny Sailormoon stickers
Sailor Moon Mixx Comic #34
Sailormoon SuperS pencilboard
Sailormoon S bootleg mini fan
Sailormoon S badges/pins
Sailormoon S eraser
150+ Sailormoon trading cards
Sailormoon SuperS Fighting Tournament for SNES
Sailormoon S Heart Collection VI DVD
Sailormoon VCD Japanese Episodes 1-3
Sailormoon VCD Japanese Episodes 44-46
Sailormoon R Movie VCD Cantonese/Japanese
Sailormoon S Movie VCD Cantonese
Sailormoon SuperS Movie VCD Japanese
Sailor Stars VCD Cantonese Episodes 167-168
Sailor Stars VCD Japanese Episodes 169-172
Sailor Stars VCD Japanese Episodes 192-200
Sailor Stars VCD Cantonese Episodes 197-198
Sailor Stars Hong Kong Collectible Insert Vol.16
Sailormoon SuperS Specials VCD
Sailormoon SuperS Ami-chan no Hatsukoi VCD
Japanese Sailormoon Sailormoon S Vol.6 VHS
Japanese Sailormoon Sailormoon S Vol.8 VHS
Sailormoon S Cantonese taped VHS
Sailormoon R 87-88 Cantonese taped VHS


Lumen Cinererum
Oct 7, 2003
Nexus, center of all realms
DoseiNoSenshi said:
Florida's a big state; where about do you live? I'm in St. Augustine.
I'm in Ocala. Not all that far from St. Augustine. I took a school trip there about five years ago when I was in eighth grade...