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Solaris Luna
Jul 21, 2003
So going to MandarakeJP for some Sailor Moon stuff. The ani-comic book of the R movie and a guidebook of Sailor Moon Crystal.

I can't have my fiance to ship it to me all my MandarakeJP swag ASAP because it's 16lbs and 80$USD on shipping alone. So I'm hoping by next month, I'll get it. Still wish they didn't sell out of Sailor Moon SuperS ani-comics series, but MandarakeJP has sweet stuff. I do have DVDs of Viz SuperS, SailorStars, and the three movies.

I do want to get all Eternal Editions, but they're 40$CAD per book and Kobo does not have Volume 5. Odd.
Mar 31, 2008
in front of my computer
90% of my stuff is still in storage. I'm gonna forget some stuff- I'll take pictures once it's up and displayed.

- entire 90's gashapon sets collection (with the exception of two figures)
- Irwin (pretty face) 12 inch dolls, all senshi plus Usagi/Serena and Black/Wicked Lady
- Irwin (flat face) 12 inch Sailor Moon. I had the others but they got lost to time.
- Bandai Premium Crystal Star Necklace
- 90's era plushes of inner senshi and Uranus/Michiru
- modern era Sailormoon Plushes (Great Eastern Usagi, a keychain with a plush, a smaller plush I can't remember the official name of)
- several 90's UFO catchers of Sailormoon and one of Usagi
- Sailor Star Fighter Excellent figure
- Sailor Star Fighter keyring (90s)
- Key chain sets (several different sets ^_^')
- Pullips - Princess Serenity and Sailor Star Fighter
- Sailor Star Fighter Beauty Change doll still in box (Japanese 90's era doll)
- Sailor Star Fighter plush (90's era)
- Talking Super Sailormoon doll (Japanese 90's era doll)
- Usagi's bedroom set by Premium Bandai (don't judge me - I have to get all things Usagi ^_^')
- Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon, Q-Posket
- Break time Sailor Moon (Moon) (prize figure)
- Mini Sailormoon Figuart and Reg. sized Figuart of first release moon, Super Sailor Moon, and Anime color version Moon
- Two bottle caps of Usagi - in her casual wear and in her school uniform
- various charms (ribbon charms, the brooch charms with figures on top of them)
- Megahouse Sailormoon World Uniform figure - Usagi
- Zero chouette moon prism power figure
- Legend Studio - posable Sailormoon figure
- Some Petit Chara, - Three lights with Bonus Usagi, three Moon separate figures from diff. sets
- Moon Stick Proplica
- Cutie Moon Rod Brilliant Color Edition Proplica (although it's currently in limbo vai seamail :()
- Banpresto Fluffy Puffy Luna
- Volks limited edition 1997 1/4 scale Princess Serenity (my holy grail - have to commission someone to paint her for me).
- other stuff I'm prob forgetting.


Luna Crescens
Jan 8, 2021
my rooms as a teenager was adorned with poster, a local sailormoon magazine had those big A0 posters with mercury *face loveeyes*
and i got the german mirrored mangas xD
Likes: Onuzim Ima