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So reading Perfect Blue on my tablet. I notice the character is named Mina and was seen as an innocent idol who's going for sexy photoshoot to increase her popularity. Also has a crazy fan who wants to see stay pure. So even though Minako is trying to become an idol, there are cautionary tales of folks obsessed with her.
It's so interesting to look at Japanese fan discussion threads about the manga. Apparently some fans regard the Stars arc as a side story or sequel, rather than as a "fifth arc" per se.
Phone issues resolved. Got a cheap Otome game off the eShop. I hope by Friday, I get my cheque. Need the funds for a bridal shower at the end of the month.
So my phone got issues. Hoping to get it resolved by the end of the month. Thinking of playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate after having a pic with my Palico sleeping. Definitely gonna lay off buying Switch games until I get announcements of Rune Factory 4 and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night coming out.
RECENT UPDATES: More punctuation for - hopefully - better grammar, some more comments by characters, a bit more info ON characters and I'm thinking about inserting links to musical clues from the SM OST for twice the fun^^ I forgot to mention that I also included a 'Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs' joke.

BTW, what do you think so far? Is it okay or should I 'throw away the pen' and limit myself on reading/watching?
Just do what you feel like to do, instead of asking other people to tell you what to do.