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Kinda worried about the changes in Canada stores of EBGames gonna brand themselves as GameStop. Cause they could get away with EBGames cause of the language laws in Quebec. It'll hit them hard if they go with GameStop and I would have to find rare unique games off Amazonca or RetroMTL.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes and I might play CrisTales tonight while friends watch stuff on Discord.
Ugh, that sucks to hear. I've been very disappointed in Gamestop myself since the pandemic situation plus they have been closing more and more of their stores down here since before that ex-Nintendo clown joined.

Happy belated birthday!
Getting the Devil May Cry 3142 artbook off Indigo's site. It's coming Tuesday at my place. Still no Pride shirt package from Etsy yet. Giving a friend a gift card so she can purchase a game for me off Amazon. My b-day is tomorrow.