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So I may get my cheque and my con badge next week. Anyone heading to Otakuthon up here, DM me. I’m also trying to look for Fire Emblem charm dealers and a Shiny Mega Rayquaza plush. Though, I am worried that the con will crack down on Chinese knockoff plushies. Then again, our Chinatown is like across the street at where the con will be at.
Oh wow, didn't expect to see you on here! I'm RabidSonicFan, if you even remember me; I've still got you as a friend on Skype. Though it's been a LOOOOONG time since we've talked... largely about Sgt. Frog stuff. XD
Update on RunBow Pocket. Codes Work. just had to reverse them. Currently playing Puzzle and Dragons Z.
Picked up Runbow Pocket and the DLC codes don’t work. So awaiting email from Nighthawk Interactive. Should had bought the 3DS Tetris game from UbiSoft instead.