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Waiting to get my utensils. Knee is better. Got pants and Clover Honey yesterday. Debating to go to A&W after mail to get burgers.
Just had a rough night.
Hello there^^

Hope you'll enjoy your stay.

☿☿☿☿And remember: The Moonlight is a Message of Love!♥♥♥♥

UPDATE: Btw, you can always edit your posts instead of 'Oneliner'/Double-Post Spamming (Barring a 24h period expires or if somebody else posts inbetween) as long as they don't get 'cauldroned' for some reason^^

I do actually agree with several (albeit not all) of your comments/viewpoints on Tumblr. :-)
Aw thanks. I don't update MissDramu frequently, but my gaming Tumblr (suicidalgamergirl) and my comic one (tgtncomic) tends to be more updated. Just posted my entire Switch game collection.