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**** You. Yes, I'm fat. Yes I need losing weight. But don't you dare post your spam in my PM box, *******. I already fell for scams before. Don't piss me off.
Got Bloodstained Ritual of The Night early, bought Gal Metal at a con, got the Funko Pops I wanted, found purses for 14$CDN for both, and now I'm cooling off with my new water bottle.
im crying by the edge of my profile pic. gonna change it soon.

yeah its going to ruin the username but still
So Bloodstained will come on the same day I see my social worker. Will go out to challenge gym leaders in the Montreal Pokémon League. Just need to win two badges. Also picked up Reshiram and Charizard Tag Team GX for 20$CDN cause I pulled out a rare full art worth 50$CDN.
Also friend is taking me to Comic Con. So happy. Had a rough week. Still waiting to purchase Dream Daddy on the eShop.