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Be safe, folks. Wear a mask, practice social isolation, think positive thoughts. We will win this battle!!!
I had another vision: Ami is in Germany right now and she could be hiding amongst someone you know..
Onuzim Ima
Onuzim Ima
She'd probably become quite bored here atm; many Tourism Spots are still closed down due to Corona ^_^
I believe Ami is waiting to make her move soon. Turns out the end of the world is coming sooner than I thought.
I had another vision today. Ami came to retrieve you when the world was about to blow up and Minako had begun the process to revive my true form..
Waiting till Friday to get a controller in the mail is physically painful for my impatient self. Just gotta play Third Strike comfortably
I am thinking of sponsoring a writer and a manga artist to give Sailor Moon the alternate ending that should've been, UsagiXSeiya. What do you think? Maybe open a little competition, so people can submit their stories and other read them, winner gets $500, we draw it, publish it, maybe even make it a short movies, then maybe I can finally feel happy about Sailor Moon Stars. Taking in it too seriously you think?
Mikey got me the Sailor Moon SuperS and movies DVDs. Trying to finish off watching Knight Hunters.