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@Southern Patriot Wow, it's been a LOOOONG time. It's nice to have you back after all, even if it's under a new name. And I also actually NEVER removed you from my Friends (Now called 'Follow{ee}' here btw) List in the first place (Although that may have been due to pure Laziness) :-D
New years Eve is tommorow and it's weird realizing that the 2010's is now one foot deep in the sands of time. I didn't get this feeling going into 2011 though. 2010's really lacked a certain identity for me to get tired of. Maybe in twenty years it'll be the "lofi era" or something. Like how the 70's is retroactively the "disco era"
I kinda forgot I had an Etsy account. So I went on and bought an Eevee Switch case from someone from Guatemala. Cost me 53$CAD after shipping.
Happy Holidays. I head back to work Jan 4th. I have appointments next week. Listening to Three Houses OST.