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Kinda worried about the changes in Canada stores of EBGames gonna brand themselves as GameStop. Cause they could get away with EBGames cause of the language laws in Quebec. It'll hit them hard if they go with GameStop and I would have to find rare unique games off Amazonca or RetroMTL.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes and I might play CrisTales tonight while friends watch stuff on Discord.
Ugh, that sucks to hear. I've been very disappointed in Gamestop myself since the pandemic situation plus they have been closing more and more of their stores down here since before that ex-Nintendo clown joined.

Happy belated birthday!
Getting the Devil May Cry 3142 artbook off Indigo's site. It's coming Tuesday at my place. Still no Pride shirt package from Etsy yet. Giving a friend a gift card so she can purchase a game for me off Amazon. My b-day is tomorrow.
I just put Sailor Moon: Another Story (eng) on my SNES classic, and other sailor moon games. The Puzzle games seem fun, but I mainly did it for the former. The game seems really fun so far.
I have a bad spending habit for my birthday. Got Super Bomberman R, Disgaea 6, Monster Hunter Stories 2, and Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory for my Nintendo Switch. Also waiting for YS IX next week and Dragon Star Varnir in August from Limited Run Games. Happy Birthday to me. Also picked up an amiibo too.
Hi there^^

Welcome to the Thunderdome a. k. a. SMF :-)

I like your Screencaps and the Crystal Tokyo Stream. Although there could be more Tracks available, it may get repetitive after a while. Still nice overall. Have some Cookies.
I picked up Doki Doki Literature Club on the eShop, bought a game off Limited Run cause they switched to DHL shipping, waiting for two switch games from Amazon, and I preordered Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin from EBGames today. 4 games for July.
10 hours in Disgaea 4 and I unlocked the Item World. Thanks Prinnies. Dunno which new crew member I want to create. Also, check out my Instagram since I posted my snack bags and baggu I bought off Chapters/Indigo website. I got Ravenclaw snack bags which need to be wash. I also got the rest of the week off and next week too. My copy of Disgaea 6 should be coming on next Tuesday.
I’mma be real, I was NOT expecting Kazuya in Smash
I know. But Damnit Sakurai! Having characters with Dante's color theme, people requesting Dante to be in games on the Switch, and now this Tekken Fighter has a demon form. Yeah, enough with taunting us to let Dante not be in Smash yet.
Southern Patriot
Southern Patriot
Neither was I
Rice Cooker came. I still tempted to sell my games due to self inner low self esteem. 38 years and still no real job. I want to sell the US cartridge of Shentae and The Seven Sirens. I am having fun with Disgaea 4, despite the graphics didn't age well.