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Minako chased me in my dreams last night. She got angry because I broke up with her and Ami was hunting you down as well :>
Onuzim Ima
Onuzim Ima
Let her 'hunt' me as much as she wants to, I regard that as 'Foreplay'. :-D
Either way Minako will make me her husband and Ami will do the same to make you her husband
Chuck Norris doesn't eat Honey. He chews bees.
Chuck Norris' tears can cure Cancer. Too bad he never cries.
If Chuck Norris drops into the Ocean, he doesn't get wet. The water becomes Chuck Norris. And so on. :-D
So I got more reusable snack bags today and a Taco plush at EBGames/GameStop.

Not regretting my decision.
So I googled Fire Emblem Fates Face Masks. It took me to Red Bubble. They take PayPal and have a discount sale
So 61$CAD later, I am a proud owner of 4 face masks. Two based on Hoshido from Birthright, Nohr from Conquest, and Daddy Daycare Xander/Marx.

Wednesday, plan to buy Black Lives Matter earrings.